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Shimeji Hunter x Hunter - Killua DOWNLOAD

By MysticShonu
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Sorry for the long, unannounced hiatus. Was busy making THIS TIHNG
a desktop sitter/shimeji that walks around as you work on your computer!
Check the FAQ to answer your Questions! [link]
The internet is weird at my house, so I couldn't upload art :c (cough, out of town at the moment)
my tumblr: [link]

Download! [link]
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Gaahh!! So kawaii! ♡.♡
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Omgosh so cuuteee!!!
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It doesnt work sadly. ;n;
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I tried to download it but it got blocked because it said i was downloading malware :/ I ran a computer scan and it was indeed malware, so i don't know if i clicked the wrong link or what. sorry >.>
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Ah, add a Killua for the hxh shimeji family of Meng Da(ps:English may be a bit strange because it is a machine translation.Gon kurapika Hisoka Illumi Kulolo Feitan In China have made out)
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Could you send me the shimejis of Hisoka and Illumi to email Or you can send me the links, but I'm not confident in my Chinese (well, I don't know even a Chinese word and couldn't figure out how to download from Chinese webs), so English links are better for me. Thank you very much.
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Yahoo mail I do not know can I send the past, HXH shimeji screenshot has been sent,,,I probably can't directly hair figure package to you, because the author is not me, so I also can't spread,,,
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I do not know you know not to know pixiv. This is a Japanese fan, illustration of a very similar to deviantart a figure standing above many shimeji map pack, a variety of,,, [Http:// Http:// Mode=medium& illust Illust_id=30126962] this is the home page, hope you have to go into,Unfortunately, pixiv and not a lot of HUNTERxHUNTER shimeji, you enter the page, that is next to see kulolo we Chinese people to upload, but is not very delicate, however to download to China, it may need to over the wall
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Thank you for your answer, I received your email and have found Hisoka shimeji.
But I went to Pixiv id 30126962's page, and Pixiv said that user was no longer available, so I don't think I can find Illumi shimeji on his/her page anymore.
If I could find those shimejis elsewhere on the internet, I wouldn't have asked you. But you see, I searched them on Google and Duckduckgo by English and Japanese (using Google translate, of course) but I got no result, so I have to ask you again :'(.
Since Shimeji is a free mascot, I think it's okay for you to send me the files. You can just send me the img folder of Illumi shimeji. Please please please. Believe me, this is not the first time i've searched for Illumi shimeji. Let's spread out the love for HunterXHunter and for the Zoldycks *begging*.
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Thank god you made a :iconkilluaplz: shimeji, could you try and make a Gon shimeji too? It'll be all the more awesome then :D
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I love it!
Thanks for making my day!
This is really adorable!
How did you made this!?
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Ah, so adorable! *v* :heart: You have a great talent of making this sort of thing :'D Good job~
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sooo cute!! <3
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can i request a shimeji or is it too much? ;v;
i got ur killua and natsu, but i cant seem to find any gon or kurapika shimejis
i have like every other shimeji XD
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I love you for making this!
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Dude i would like fucking love you forever if you made Kurapika as a shimeji~! 
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Ikr! There are barley any shimejis of him, the only one i knew of needs a code (idek it tho)
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Love it thanks.! it would be awsome to have gon to thoughXD but maybe i'm just getting selfish now 
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I actually have plans to make a Gon Shimeji too, but am way too busy to make it at the moment
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Gon and a Kurapika would be perfect xD
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I will wait but thankkkk u for having it in your plans 
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for some reason it doesn't work on my computer >.<; whenever i try it this thing pops up in Japanese 
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Depends on the OS of your computer! If you're using Windows 8, there should be an 'old Java' that you can download that will enable you to run shimeji. Its somewhere on This specific coding wont work on a Mac. It...should work fine on Windows 7. If not, try downloading the same 'old Java' version and you might be able to run shimeji on your computer after that.
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