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I'm a writer and sketch artist.

And I'm a very baaad boy.

Tools of the Trade
Notepad, Wordpad, My twisted imagination.
Hey guys, for any of you that care about Minecraft, I've taken to doing a Let's Play of 4 Pillar Survival at my YouTube channel:
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Lunchables Pizza vs. Armour Pizza. I'm only talking about the food item itself, so Lunchables boxes with a drink are not being compared, but the single serve packets they sell right next to them. Right off the bat, let's look at that price tag. Prices may vary where you live (if these two brands are even available for you) but my store had these to offer me. You can get three Lunchables for $5, so about $1.67 each. Armour Pizzas you can get four for $5, or $1.25 each. So serving for serving, Armour wins by $0.42. Not too bad. Now, off with those lids. Both packages are just sealed plastic containers of comparable size, but what's inside them
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On Christmas day, instead of getting cash from grandma, or clothes that don't fit, I got a stomach flu. Damn thing had me out of commission the entire day. I had diarrhea that felt like acid and I could barely get anything, food or water, inside me to counteract. I threw up exactly three times, once was after I ate some bread, the next after I ate some cereal, and the last after I some oatmeal. I didn't get any sleep all that day.
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Happy Birthday!
Well, I saw this a month late, but thanks for that one.
Is is possible if you could make a blueprint for the Nether Fortress?
Sorry on late reply. It's possible, but I don't really travel the nether much. If you need one, you can generate a Nether environment superflat with building generation on. Generating it with glass as the main block could also be useful I've recently found.
Just wanted to say I love your floorplans, between yours and ColtCoyote's I have built several underground bases and villages, keep up the awesome work!
Happy birthday! Have your cake and eat it tooSuper Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3DFun cakebirthday cakecakeMinecraft cake (Pixel art)Birthday cake  iconKimRaiFan's Bday CakeCakeCake for Shifteh:cakelick:
All these cake are belong to you! XD