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(OC Request) Willy

Based from the rigs created by:

:icontiredbrony: and :iconmintyroot:

OC design requested by: :iconwillykururu:

Decided to do a couple of requests on the side of uploading some of my profile pics for my own MLP show idea. The all green theme is pretty cool for this OC (Willy) design. Very cool.
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SkittleZisKawaii's avatar
isn't this just..DJ PON3 but as a Pegasus? 
MysticNightVA's avatar
Pretty much. They wanted this character to look just like DJ Pon3
Taridary's avatar
Um... it's ok if I draw this OC with Black Hat's clothes?
Willy requested it
MysticNightVA's avatar
Oh not a problem. Go right ahead.
TwitterShy's avatar
i think the creator of the oc should upload this them selves so you dont get
bombarded with questions ^^
MysticNightVA's avatar
Aww, I don't mind people asking me honestly.
TwitterShy's avatar
ahh sounds gud then ^^
Artrmotus's avatar
May I use this design? Since willykururu had requested me to draw her?
MysticNightVA's avatar
Oh sure, go right ahead.
CloudySkie's avatar
Can i draw her with Latias? 'cause *gasp* willykururu requested it. Wink/Razz 
MysticNightVA's avatar
Sorry for the late reply. If you still want to draw this character, you can. If you've already done so, that ok by me as well.
MysticNightVA's avatar
Sure, no problem.  It's cool by me.
dibyturtle27's avatar
May I draw her and Latias Wilky sorta requested me to draw them
MysticNightVA's avatar
Sure, go right on ahead.
MysticNightVA's avatar
ArleneYuna's avatar
can i draw her & Latias?
their designs are cool!
of course WillyKururu had also requested me to draw them
MysticNightVA's avatar
Sure, no problem. Go right ahead.
SparklingDonut's avatar
May i draw her? WillyKururu requested this to me aswell. (and im BlueTheWierdo if you dont belive me than watch BlueTheWierdo say yes ^^)
MysticNightVA's avatar
Sure you can draw her.  No problem.
OmbreKitten's avatar
Or than find it on me ^^ Cause,i might post it on BlueTheWierdo ^^
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