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I have so much going on in my life right now , My time is needed else where and I do think I will be gone for several months. 
 I can say its been a wonderful 8 years here with all of my friends. I love each and everyone one.

I want to try something, because I won't have the time to come here for a long time, please don't leave me notes, comments or anything. And please don't get your feelings hurt.

Please don't fave, or credit till I come back. That way you can still use my stock and premade, but ONLY in Deviantart. NOTHING out of Deviantart, or I will have to put everything in storage.

Thanks Friends, stay safe and Healty.

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Whimper You're Leaving? So Soon?
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No I am back part time, had my surgery and everything.
I am new to this DA, and am only looking for 1 background to a private photo (steampunk-style).  the photographer, PHOTOGRAPHERS, INC. Ponsonby Rd. Auckland, New Zealand require permission to use another's work.  and rightly so.

first, i did read about the soft tissue sarcoma (I am a pastor, so i will be praying for you -barb- from this point on) if  you would like to update, my email is joeystar22@gmail.com.  you have given specific enuff info for prayer.  and so i will - complete remission and healing.

second, i am looking at 3 backgrounds (will choose one, if you give permission or give me a price for a one time use)

third, i figure a higher rez would be required for a photo background.  if not, that is allright, i understand.
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Your prayers were answered. I had surgery and the tumor was removed and other than having to have cat scans for the rest of my life to make sure its not growing back, I don't have to have treatments. Thank you for Prayers, GOD really does hear them.
Please le me know what backgrounds your asking to use.
Thank you, GOD Bless
I thought i replied.  it seemed to disappear?  anyway, I wrote that i was delighted that you are healed and will pray that such healing remains all the days of your life.  and may you LIVE LONG and PROSPER!.

I will locate the names of the three possibles and only one will be requested for one picture.
AMEN! I am delighted that you are doing so well.  you are truly blessed.  CTscans are not such a downside trade-off and i will keep you on my prayer list that you NEVER have to go through this again.  Your artwork is a joy to this planet.  and i would think that you are, too.

it would only by ONE of three.
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I totally believe in Prayer, and I know he hears them. Thank you so much for adding me to your's. You have mine as well.

Feel free to use the background.
How are you doing!!!!!!!!  Hope you are better.  Loved this portrait of the window to heaven.  May I purchase it or have your permission to use it.

Thank you Pamela 
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I try to come in when I can, because I care about all of guys. I try and keep up. I have soft tissue sarcoma (rare cancer in a very rare area) I have been making lots of trips to Houston MDA for test, x-rays, and meeting the teem of doctors who will do my surgery Aug 4th. Prayers are welcome, I totally believe in them. I know they work. I am not afraid, just a little nervous, LOL. Its pretty major surgery, not only from removing it, but cutting away part of my spinal disk that has it as well. I will be away in Houston last of July and the full month of Aug. Please continue to use my stock, and have fun with them. Love and Blessings to you all.
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Sorry to hear this Barbara. You will be missed. Take care and all the best. Thanks so much for all the great stock as well. Have a great time whatever you do.
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Thanks hun, I check in when ever I can. :hug:
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Take good care of yourself, my dear friend! Heart Hug 
I wish you all the best and we are to succeed you everything you have in mind.
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Thank you, I miss everyone. :hug:
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With dear pleasure my Dear Heart hope you feel fine :D (Big Grin) 
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Sorry to hear, take good care (( hugs)) 
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You'll be missed, Barbara...
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Sorry to see you go but I wish you all the best. Thank you for your generosity in providing such wonderful stock, it's hugely appreciated.
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Good luck in your endeavors!!
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Take care, dear! :heart:
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All the best in whatever you want to try, it's basically why we live for. Take good care! :sun:
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take care...hurry back
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