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mysticmorning was just getting too big. I added a new gallery in mysticmorning2. Stop by and visit. 
I have so much going on in my life right now , My time is needed else where and I do think I will be gone for several months. 
 I can say its been a wonderful 8 years here with all of my friends. I love each and everyone one.

I want to try something, because I won't have the time to come here for a long time, please don't leave me notes, comments or anything. And please don't get your feelings hurt.

Please don't fave, or credit till I come back. That way you can still use my stock and premade, but ONLY in Deviantart. NOTHING out of Deviantart, or I will have to put everything in storage.

Thanks Friends, stay safe and Healty.

Thank you Everyone for the Llama Badges, Friendships, and for being special. :heart: :hug:
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! :heart: :hug:
Each one of you have given me a wonderful gift of well wishes for my Birthday!!! :heart:
You really made this special,  and warms my heart :heart:
Love each and everyone of you, Thank you for being such an important part of my life :hug:
IF I disappear, my computer either crashed, or the backup is not working. I will try backup, but if that doesn't work. guess its time to wipe everything out and start new.  Just a heads up with what is going on. Love and hugs to my DA FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

My computer keeps freezing up on me, its a real struggle to get anything done. I am sure this thing is fixing to completely quit on me.

Thank you so much for all the fav's. Also I want to welcome all of my new friends who are watching.    Thank you my friends, and for understanding why I don't always reply or send notes.
Thank You Everyone

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom.

We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.

We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things, but not better things.

We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom. A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete.

Remember to spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever.

Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.

Remember, to give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent.

Remember, to say, 'I love you' to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you.

Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again.

Give time to love, give time to speak! And give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.

And always remember, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by those moments that take our breath away.


A young lady confidently walked around the room while leading and explaining stress management to an audience with a raised glass of water. Everyone knew she was going to ask the ultimate question, 'half empty or half full?'... She fooled them all .... "How heavy is this glass of water?", she inquired with a smile.

Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. To 20 oz.

She replied , "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long I hold it.  If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm.

If I hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance. In each case it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes." She continued, "and that's the way it is with stress. If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, as the burden becomes increasingly heavy, we won't be able to carry on."

"As with the glass of water, you have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again. When we're refreshed, we can carry on with the burden - holding stress longer and better each time practiced.

… a beautiful song, wheres the line to see Jesus

One giant thing we have to be especially thankful for today is the opportunity to be thankful itself.  This opportunity that we have is paid for by our military, the men and women who keep us safe, all too often with their lives.

The military heroes on the front line always come to mind, but there are so many more.  The cooks and mechanics and radio operators, the people who do not see combat still gave up most of their civil liberties to protect us, in all the roles and ways required of them.  Most of them may not be placed precisely in harm's way, but their efforts and their sacrifices are no small thing, and they serve with the most minimal of pay.  Without their having given up a normal life, without their dedicated work we could not support the front line troops.  Every person in uniform serves as they are ordered to serve, and do so at great cost.

There is another group that sacrifices just as much; the family's left behind.  The wives who raise their children with the father gone for long periods of time, sometimes years.  All across this country today military families are sitting down to a meager Thanksgiving dinner, with an empty chair at the table, wondering what Dad is doing, praying for his safe return someday.  Even those who serve and are at home today live with the knowledge that they may not be there tomorrow, they can be shipped out on a moment's notice – and often are.

So please, when you are counting your blessings this day, be mindful that millions of men and women in uniform and their families, both past and present, are the ones that give us this opportunity to live safely and in an abundance never seen by humans in their entire existence.  Without them, we wouldn't be having this feast of freedom and plenty.  We owe them more than we can possibly pay, the least we can do is remember them before we eat.

Here is the grief model called "The 7 Stages of Grief":

7 Stages of Grief...

You will probably react to learning of the loss with numbed disbelief. You may deny the reality of the loss at some level, in order to avoid the pain. Shock provides emotional protection from being overwhelmed all at once. This may last for weeks.

As the shock wears off, it is replaced with the suffering of unbelievable pain. Although excruciating and almost unbearable, it is important that you experience the pain fully, and not hide it, avoid it or escape from it with alcohol or drugs.

You may have guilty feelings or remorse over things you did or didn't do with your loved one. Life feels chaotic and scary during this phase.

Frustration gives way to anger, and you may lash out and lay unwarranted blame for the death on someone else. Please try to control this, as permanent damage to your relationships may result. This is a time for the release of bottled up emotion.

You may rail against fate, questioning "Why me?" You may also try to bargain in vain with the powers that be for a way out of your despair ("I will never drink again if you just bring him back")

Just when your friends may think you should be getting on with your life, a long period of sad reflection will likely overtake you. This is a normal stage of grief, so do not be "talked out of it" by well-meaning outsiders. Encouragement from others is not helpful to you during this stage of grieving.

During this time, you finally realize the true magnitude of your loss, and it depresses you. You may isolate yourself on purpose, reflect on things you did with your lost one, and focus on memories of the past. You may sense feelings of emptiness or despair.

7 Stages of Grief...

As you start to adjust to life without your dear one, your life becomes a little calmer and more organized. Your physical symptoms lessen, and your "depression" begins to lift slightly.

As you become more functional, your mind starts working again, and you will find yourself seeking realistic solutions to problems posed by life without your loved one. You will start to work on practical and financial problems and reconstructing yourself and your life without him or her.

During this, the last of the seven stages in this grief model, you learn to accept and deal with the reality of your situation. Acceptance does not necessarily mean instant happiness. Given the pain and turmoil you have experienced, you can never return to the carefree, untroubled YOU that existed before this tragedy. But you will find a way forward.

7 stages of grief...

You will start to look forward and actually plan things for the future. Eventually, you will be able to think about your lost loved one without pain; sadness, yes, but the wrenching pain will be gone. You will once again anticipate some good times to come, and yes, even find joy again in the experience of living.


My wonderful dad passed away last night on the 11th. We are making funeral arrangements with the Air Force and a fly over by the Flying Tigers. He was such a loving and gentle man who served 30 years in the service and was in the Korean, WW11, and Viet Nam. He served our country well, and for that we are so proud of him. Dad is with his siblings, mother and dad, but most of all his wife, my mother, and I know he is very Happy. I will miss him.…
I will be in and out

My dad had a major heart attack and his heart is only working at 15%. We know he will be leaving us real soon, and we are in the process of making arrangements. We hope to bring him home in the next few days, he would want to be here, and let him pass over here at home. I will try to be in deviantart when I can, but forgive me if I am not able to answere anyone for a while.
Prayers for him and the family will be much appreciated. Love to you all
My brother published his first book!! We are so proud of him!!… OMGoodness my brother's book just moved up to no. 2 best books to buy!!!! Here is a preview

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
December 2012, a massive solar storm knocks out the power grid. Three hundred million Americans are suddenly faced with a survival situation. They have no water, electricity or fuel. Food rapidly disappears from the store shelves, not to be replaced. Only three perecent will survive. Those three perecent will have much in common. What does it take to be one of them?

Four Rules:

1. Don't gossip. Be careful with your words and say only what you mean.

2. Don't take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own particular reality, their own peculiar view of life. Don't take criticism or praise to heart, they have no true meaning.

3. Don't make assumptions. Ask questions. Communicate as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama.

4. Always do your best. Your best will change from moment to moment. Under any circumstances simply do your best and you will avoid self judgement, self abuse, and regret.… this, it is amazing!!…

Read about real ghost exsperience, and advice from professionals.

If you are interested in Daz program and 3d models, check here for free,…


Aunt Tilly


Aunt Tilly died a year ago, but she still baked biscuits every morning.  It came as something of a surprise the first time she dug her way out of the grave.  After the third time we gave up on her staying buried, and accepted the fact that she wasn't going to just leave the way normal corpses do.  Her biscuits were not as good as they had been before her death either, but we still ate them.  We didn't know what she might do if we turned them down, and we didn't want to hurt her feelings.

Read the rest of the story at his site link I posted.…;

My favorite song Stand By Me…
My brother wrote a very funny story about squrrels bombing him with pecans, and I won't tell you what the squrrels did to my other brother, it would spoil your fun of reading the story. If you need a Good Laugh, read his story here…
I need some good vampires pngs, and does anyone know where I can get free vampire poser teeth?
Hope someone can tell me why I am having problems getting a nice size render for some of my models I am making. I used a man figure adding my own textures, a few gadits, and I am unable to get a big render out of it. If I set the dpi up high, the size has to be small, if I set the size high the dpi has to be very small. To resize the model, is not good, there is jagged edges,so I am wondering if there is anyone who can tell me what is happening.


Its working fine today, must have bee a glich in the computer.
I will not be on for some time. I am using someone else's computer to let everyone know what is going on. I hope my stock can be of use to you, and I wish I could see your work, but looks like it may be a long time before I am able to get another computer. So have fun, be creative, and I am so sorry I can't respond to your work.


I'm using dad's old computer and I installed a virus protecter which I found everytime I come into deviantart I pick up spy cookies. I have to do a sweep and quarantine at least 19 everytime I come in. Make sure you protect your computer folks, or you will end up loosing a lot of your work and computer. I lost my photoshop, which I used all the time, so be careful and protect, backup and save important work and files.
Animal babies are being born, and some will need our help. There are times when the baby mothers are killed, leaving the babies who are usually scared, and hungry. If you run across any wild life babies, please don't give them milk from the store, it will kill them. The first thing to do is to give them sugar water,pedialite, or gaterade if you have it. Then go to the vet and get powder milk replacer for puppies or kittens. The vet can give you small syringes to feed the babies with. The one thing I also learned, if they feed to fast and liquid bubbled at nose, turn the baby upside down and wipe the liquid away from the air way, or the liquid will go into thier lungs. Read everything you can find on the internet. Baby squrrels will need a bone to chew on to keep the teeth from growing to long, most babies will suck on their toes, and most love raw veggies. So there is much to know in order to save them and keep them healthy. Contact the animal rescue folks in your area if you have one, and they will take them and care for them for you. One more thing, baby squrrels I found will run to you for help, so don't be afraid to pick them up, if you are scared then pick them up with a rag, shirt tail, something that will ease your fear, because they mean no harm, they just want to be saved. We have litterly had babies run to us and climb our pants legs. Good luck, post pictures, we would love to see them. I still enjoy seeing my grown squrrels running around the yard enjoying life, as they should be.
This world we live in is falling apart? Did you know people use people for their own power to use and abuse each other for their own person gain, whether for anger, hate, selfishesness, being spoilt, or any other negitive reasons? Did you know male and female guards are pulling out women prisioners for sexal favors, or that male nurses are raping their patients? Do you know about the abuse that is going on in the hospitals, nusing homes, jail, prisions, any where where the people are powerless to protect themselves? Did you know a lot of the employees who work for the goverment and state are slow about doing their jobs that effect other peoples lives? Did you know that most jails are not air conditioned, and some places its a 147 degrees inside their building. Did you know a lot of them are dying, and is it investagated? And where are the supplies the state provides for them, if they can't buy tolet paper, they do without? What kind of world do we live in, dog eat dog, look the other way because they are unable to face facts? I think it may because everyone is doing the best they can to survive, look the other way, don't rock the boat, has a full plate of their own, type thing. Did you know there is porn in the children section here? I promise, its not about the beauty of the art form of the human body that is involved. Do a search on children stock if you don't think I know what I'm talking about. Its pretty hard to watch tv without sex or violence, even cartoons, commericals, talk shows, etc. We see on news people killing thier children, each other, and every other kind of violence. So just maybe that has something to do with everyone going on anti-depressants? Why aren't anyone doing anything about what is going on in this out of control world of ours? Can we turn to the goverment, the media, the state, to get to the bottom of it all. or are we just going to keep turning our heads, get anti-depressants to cope with it? What is your take on all of this? I honestly don't think my family, friends, neighbors, and state are the only ones who has these problems surrounding them everyday. How do you cope with it?
I know I'm not in here much anymore, and I really miss it. My dad's health is not good and requires more of my time, that and running the house and farm by myself. I wish I could have the time to answere all notes, fav's, and comments, and I miss doing art more than I can tell you. I want you to know, I appreciate your using my stock work, fav'ing my art,and your taking the time to send me comments and notes. I just wish I had the time to fav and respond to each one of you. Please feel free to make prints using my stock. One day I may have to close this down, like so many others are doing, but for right now, I will leave it open for your use. So have fun, and thanks again for understanding.

I removed my first and only brush test until I learn more on how to do them. There are so many interesting brushes, information, that I am looking forward to reading and testing them out. Wish me luck, looks like fun. See my fav's for brush stocks to some wonderful artist.
We have had an family emergency. My oldest brothers house burnt down and they lost everything, including their pet dog. So I won't be on line as much, sence I will be helping them. They had just one year of paying off the house, and retirement. Please say prayers for them. I ask for forgivness of missing fav's and comments, but I feel my family needs my help. I will do my best every time I can get on line, but will proubly miss most of ya'll. Just keep having fun, and create wonderful art :)
Guess what! Someone turned me in for copywrite violation and Deviantart deleted some of my work. I found out dev changed the rules, you can't use xching or morgue stock anymore, or any stock outside of dev. I did not know who ever turned me in...THANKYOU! You did me a favor by letting me know the changes that were made. Plus the fact I proubly gave you one big Happy moment. So Bless you!! :)
I am having a lot of fun making backgrounds for all the artist. Its a way of giving back for all the wonderful comments, friends, and fav's. I wish I could answere everyone, but moving to the country to care for my dad, I can only get dial-up. No high speed here! But I am having a lot of fun in between taking care of 3 dogs, two baby perch, a baby squrrel, 5 hens and a rooster. I have seen hawks dive in the river and come up with fish, deer, and all kinds of wild life. I plan to add rabbits and a garden next year. So, if I don't leave comments and answeres to all the ones I receive, I hope you will forgive me.
All my stock that you have altered with your work may be sold as prints without asking for my permission.
Please take the time to view all my fav's, you will find links to all kinds of wonderful stocks and art. The deviant artist has a treasure full of fantastic art, and the stock artist are wonderful gift givers.
I hope you will have fun creating, enjoy life, and bring more beauty to this world of ours :)

I have just been honored a wonderful print gift from CassiopeiaArt . Wow! What can I say, but THANKYOU!!! Please visit her work, she is very very talented. :)
I am having a lot of fun with fractals and shapes, and wanted to share them with anyone who can use them. But only the ones I created without using someone else's fractal or work, and please don't claim them as your own work without doing something to them.    I would love to see what you create with them. Just have fun!

If you have Photoshop and need help, this is the place to go photoshop-tutorials.deviantart…

If someone is stealing your work, go here for help rippedarttaskforce.deviantart.…

Be sure and look through my fav's, you will find a lot of stock and fantastic art.
  This is a cool website.   Someone has a remote camera set up at an African watering hole.   My friends have caught it at times when elephants and zebras have come up for a drink.   It is kinda hard with the time difference but fun to check out.…

Around noon today Texas time was 7 pm there and we have been watching a herd of wilderbeasts.

Takes a little time for it to open, but worth it. I guess birds don't sleep there at night. Turn on your speakers to hear all the jungle sounds.
I just joined my first club in Durchehen_Rankings Durchgehen