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Background sky inadesign_stock…

Castle jumpfer-stock change over to
Please give credit to the stock artist listed.
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Used it here:
The Lost Kingdom by debNise
Thank you :heart:
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I used your stock here… Thanks so much
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Fantastic work! 7cfff580d1935b83da50e78fbb4b4a02-d7fw6p9 by lifeblue  00 by lifeblue  
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Aww, thank you sweetie :hug:
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I use here Maleficent by vampirekingdom Thank youu!
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Thanks so much, used your stock here :)  Practical Magic by SuzieKatz
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Fantastically spooky background Barb!
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Thank you Eve, hows the walking coming along?
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On one crutch as of today Barb, I am planning on walking into the rehabilitation unit at the hospital for my assessment without any :D (December 3rd) I am steaming mad about that, how can they just leave people unable to walk? AND that is only an assessment, then I would have had to wait for a physio appointment! I think I shocked my Physio today, he sits in my wheelchair while I push my foot against his hand and I managed to push him and the wheelchair (with brakes on) back a couple of inches. He look surprised and commented and I told him I wouldn't be truly happy until I could push him against the far wall  So sick of not having any hands to do anything so I told him and he said we could give it a go with just one crutch and hey presto :D he is such a great physio, he hurts the hell out of me but it's worth it!
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That's crazy, are they so booked up that they can't attend to everyone, or are they just lazy. I am so
proud of you doing this without them though, and then to proudly walk in on your own is great. Just take
a poster with you saying Thanks, but No thanks for leaving me to do this on my own. Thanks for all
the help you never gave me and others. Denied payments!!!
Make it known to the media.

I can only imagine how painful that must be, your a very strong person to go through all of that. Your
physio sounds wonderful, he should get all the payments from the assessment group of people who doesn't
do a darn thing.

Hang in there girl, you'll be up and running before to long. :hug:
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I think that it's just a lack of money Barb, times are really hard here in Spain and there are too many patients and too few staff, my sister-in-law broke her wrist and lives in Canada and they don't do physio at all! I can't protest as an Immigrant I'm not allowed, they could send me home to the UK if I did .............
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I had no idea, you are faced with so much Eve, no wonder your such a strong woman. You had to be to get through so much.
Lets hope it gets better, seems to be a shortage of money, and medical help every where you look. its getting to the point
around here where we need to start growing our own food. Prices are high, how about there? 
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Well our health service is free, so I can't complain really, no-one dies here because they can't afford treatment. Yes food in the local supermarkets is high but fresh food is relatively cheap compared to the UK and you can get a prefectly balanced meal at lunchtime in Madrid for about 12 Dollars (including a bottle of wine) so really can't complain considering it's a capital city. Would be hard pushed to grow my own food ha! Might manage a few herbs in a window box :D
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Does your stores take coupons?
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Thank you so much :hug:
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Wow! Amazing work my friend. Absolutely gorgeous.
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