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Here is a control panel for you to use. I had to add color to some of the panels in my work, so you may have too also. Its up to you. Rendered in poser.
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Thank you so much for allowing me to use your awesome stock! I used your stock here❤.

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I used here:

The Last Mother by Wesley-Souza

thank you :)
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Hi , I used this image and thanks you very much :) 
Teleportation by JustmeTD
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Used here ~thanks :) Outlook
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Used here :
Thank you for stock!!
I used one this great image in an Android game called Space Ranger: Jotnar Protocol
You can see the game at:…
I credited you in the background credits accessible from the credits button on the main page  
Also you can watch the game story at:…
Here is a mock-up of the scene from the game:…
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Thank you for providing great stock! I used this image here:…
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i used your stock here :… thanks so much ^^
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hi there,
I used your stock in my Artwork. Hope you like it.
Thank you....
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I used your work here: [link]
Thank you.
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Hi! I used this here [link]

Thank you!
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Hi. I used a couple of your stock images here. [link] Thank you very much.
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This is a great piece!
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Thanks, I have other angles, just let me know if you ever need them.
hi, if you make stock... make more angle of view...
side pose etc...
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Ok, thats great advise. I also do art, but found I have a lot of fun rendering and sharing so others can have fun too. I am still learning, poser, bryce, daz is all new to me, but I am excited when I get something. LOL. Thanks dear for the advice and I will start doing more poses. I also want to thankyou for your comments, and hope to get more advice from you on what I am trying to accomplish.
I could help you.
if you do not make the same stock as me.
I mean exactly the same.
I know, we can have the same 3D elements
but the stock should be different between you and us.
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I need to look at your stock, so I don't repeat anything. Hope I haven't so far, if I did I am sorry, I sure didn't mean anything by it. I sure don't want to cause problems for other stockers, I do this to help people create art, and I use stock from others to create my art. Its share and share alike. I'll become a fan of your gallery so I can keep up with your post work, that way I won't repeat your work.
fan of our gallery ? lol
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Yep, I am a Big fan! I absolutely love your vampires, your backgrounds, models, well..All of it. You do great work, and you put a Lot of work and thought into your stock. I hope it brings you fun and enjoyment, like it does me.
I enjoy doing these stocks ... even if nobody uses.
we must not forget that nobody can download my stock without my permission because the download is disabled due to theft
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I am sorry, mine are free to use, so I guess thats why no one steals. Everyone has really followed the normal rules, giving credit and they are fantastic letting me know how they use the work. I am very lucky, because everyone I have met are honest people here. I never have to ask, they just do the normal rules without telling them to. I have met a lot of good friends this way. You are now one too.
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