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Captain S: The Game Master

I've had this idea for a few years. Yes I am aware of The New Adventures of Captain S  But while my idea for my own Captain S series is just a few years old, I came up with my own ideas for Captain S roughly a year before I found the PBCProductions take on it. So not as old as PBCProductions but still my original idea I put together before I found the YouTube series.
Now if I could, I would make my own Captain S as the successor to YouTubes old one. However instead of live-action I would much rather animate it if I could. My idea for a Captain S show is intended as a tie-in/spin-off to the original cartoon Captain N: the Game Master.

My series takes place in an alternate digital dimensional that is also called Videoland (though to save confusion, maybe renamed Virtualand but still a neighbouring dimension to the original Videoland). What makes it different from the original Videoland is that it has an abandoned Palace of Power with warp zones leading to worlds from Master System games. Thus tying in to the original series but still being all about the Sega Master System.

Before I get critism over what I've done to these classic characters, keep in mind the show is intended to a degree "parody" the original Sega characters than make them accurate to the games counterpart. This is a creative choice in mind for the show. (For example how Simon Belmont looks and behaves nothing like his actual self.)

A bird/spaceship hybrid from the Space Guild in the Fantasy Zone. Like Kid Icarus he is the marksman of the team, able to load up small guns from his underbelly to shoot with. Says "Opa" a lot.
Alex Kidd A dwarfish youth with much compressed strength. Able to turn his fist large and blocky for tremendous punches. Like N-Teams Mega Man, he is able to lift objects much larger than himself. Constantly makes rock puns. I purposely made him more resemble his brother as a sort of joke on how inaccurate Mega Man of the N-Team was innacurate to his game self.
Shinobi Inspired by the YouTube show "Ask a Ninja", Shinobi talks a lot, enthusiastic and boastful over his skills and likes eratic and hand body gestures when talking. Like N-Teams Simon Belmont they are skilled warriors, both rather prideful in their own way. While in the game his actual name was Joe Musashi, this maybe avoided, just like how Kid Icarus from N-Team, his actual name in the games is Pit.
Captain S As of yet no name decided (He is not Chad Belmont). Despite the series taking place in an alternate Videoland, Captain S comes from the same world as Kevin Keene and, for the animated show, his world is exclusively filmed with live-action footage. Like Kevin Keene the Ultimate Warp Zone brought him to Videoland, however due to Vil-N taking the Power Glove, he is now stranded in Videoland until the Power Glove is retrieved.
While similar to PBCProductions Chad Belmont, his Power Pad is based after the Master System, but still uses as Sega Light Phaser as his primary weapon.
I also tried giving him a hairstyle and colour different from Kevin Keene, but I I do not believe I succeeded that much. Kevin has his hair more combed and parted while Captain S prefers his more bedhead and natual like. While he possess the same enhanced agility of Captain N thanks to his Power Pad, he is unable to stop time.
King Charles One of the original characters from Captain N. In the original cartoon he was a minor character that only showed up in a few episodes. In Captain S he is a staple member of the S-Team.
Hailing from beyond the Mirror Zone, he was exiled from his kingdom by Mother Brain. After the events of "In Search of the King", Charles left the backwards world he was stuck on to search for his own way home. He found an abandoned Palace of Power which had warp zones leading to uncharted worlds of Videoland. He put together his own team of heroes from these worlds who, along with Captain S. They form3e the S-Team. Despite his advance age he can still hold his own in a fight yet is not as strong as he once was in youth. He also serves as the mentor to the group due to his wisdom.

I have 3 seasons in mind, each with 13 episodes and Season 3 starting off with the "Mega Drive arc". I doubt I can make that much episodes let alone the pilot episode in mind. If the series goes well on it's way, I would like to introduce these characters in later seasons:

Game Gear Showing up in the beginning of Season 2, she is a sentient super-computer, sometimes called "Gear". She mysteriously shows up before the Interdimensional Warp closes. Easily excitable and wants to play (Kinda like BMO from Adventure Time) and is able to create solid holograms or shoot a screen laser from her face, however doing so tires her out easily (which I intend to be a running gag of sorts). Scenes in mind is the S-Team using her as a television with a Sega TV tuner and for the Mega Drive arc the narrator/goddess speaks directy to the S-Team through her. So she has more purpose than GameBoy did for the N-Team.
Ax Battler After Shinobi returns to his world at the end of Season 2, Season 3 replaces Shinobi with Ax Battler. A dim-witted barbarian who makes up for his lack of intelligence with his great strength as well as great heart to match. My inspiration for such a character is Knuckles from Sonic Boom. (I'm aware how he looks, muscular bodies arn't my speciality.)
Ax was originally going to be on the original S-Team, but turns out that while Golden Axe was imported onto the Master system, not before being imported onto the Mega Drive. So I replaced him with Shinobi in order to keep a strict Master System themed group.
Ax Battler was originally in the line up, but as a shirtless barbarian, his apperance was just too ridicous. He was shirtless and poorly proportioned muscles, with or without nipples just looks bad. I decided to remove him because of how horrible and unsatisfied I was with his design. Maybe next time I'll give him a shirt or something.

I'll work on Vil-N and his League of Chaos when I get time to do so. While yes, Nintendo themed villains, they're not straight-up villainising Nintendo. (In fact, I can imagine my Captain S and Kevin Keene to end up as friends.)
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Nintendo should actually be the hero and Sega should be the villain 
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I know the TV show "Captain N" never really had eye for detail in it's own continuity, but I based my "Captain S" idea on the original Captain N continuity but set in the dimension that King Charles was trapped in that neighbours/extend to Videoland.

To sum it up, the main villain of my Captain S series is this guy from In Search of the King. He simply took the identidy of "Vil-И" because it's a play on the word "villain" as well as to define a sense of identidy from Kevin Keene himself.
Yes it does mirror the 90s consoles war from a Sega fans perspective, but I won't entirely villainize Nintendo. Vil-И will occasionally use Sega villains and monsters for his own means as well while "Nega man" and "Dark Icarus" serve as his lackies. (Though I might just kill off the И-Team, though it's hard to pick Master System equivilents to King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard.)

While I never got round to doing anything with it, I made a hypothetical list of episodes, each with summerise. But I never got round to do anything with it (animation is hard.)
The "Genesis arc" as I call a few episodes involve Captain S seeking the "Blast Processor" which would upgrade the Palace of Power (Not this one, an alternate one the S-Team reside in) to access new warp zones to brand new worlds, as well as warp zones to such worlds as Castlevania and Mega World.
The season finale would be a two parter called The Console Wars where Mother Brain manipulates Kevin Keene to fight Captain S in hopes Captain S will kill him, but when both Captains realise they've been trick, work together to finish Mother Brain. Captain N sporting the "Super Power Pad" and Captain S with the Mega Power Pad.
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Btw if Vil-N is what you make it. Then I would make antagoniSt or SinSter
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There are plenty of villainous would that end with -ious you could work with.

Neferi-Ƨ (I like this one)
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I really don’t agree with some of the concepts but that’s your story. If I made that story, I should make it more accurate, Nintendo as the hero and Sega as the villain during the 16 bit Wars. But add in more interesting characters and core concepts. Huge battles, complex and deep story. That’s how I would do it if I made a series. Your story is good but i don’t agree with the whole Vil-N thing. That’s just my take. Especially when Sega attacked Nintendo first. But hey if you feel like that’s your thing, that’s fine by me. I just don’t agree with the Vil-N.
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Y'see, now I'm gonna ask, "Why make Sega the villain?" the same way you question why I make Nintendo the villain.

Dunno what you mean by "Sega attacked first". The Mega Drive was released to compete with the NES, not the SNES. It was the right marketing that made the Mega Drive thrive in a market almost monopolised by Nintendo at the time. The "first attack" as you put it is inevitable for any competition against an already dominated market.

As for my "Captain S" ideas, yes Vil-И is a Nintendo themed villain that opposes a Sega themed hero, but the backstory I have in mind for Vil-И ties in with what was established in the original Captain N cartoons.

I also have in mind for Captain S (I've yet to give him a proper name) and Kevin Keene to eventually be friends despite their different taste in brand loyalty when it comes to consoles. Another thing the two have in common is that while Captain S is the hero of the Videoland beyond the Mirror Zone, he and Kevin Keene both come from the same Earth and were summoend by the Ultimate Warp Zone.

The finale story in mind involves Mother Brain tricking Captain S to fight Kevin Keene. Mother Brain hoped S will kill N or better yet each other. However the two will become friends and use the power of their upgraded Power Pads to finish Mother Brain off for good.
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What? Nintendo wasn’t monopolizing or trying to dominate the video game industry because it was trying to prevent another gaming crash. The mega drive was to compete with the nes yes but they were making anti Nintendo ads which prompts Nintendo defend themselves and reply with the snes. The first attacking is not inevitable for any competition. Also why make Sega the villain? Because they are the ones who attacked Nintendo first and the fact that Sega wanted to crush Nintendo and gain dominance over the video game market.  Nintendo rescued the gaming market from the crash. They didn’t monopolize anything. That’s why Sega chose to be the villain and 
tried to crush Nintendo.

I dont like the Vill N character. But if S and N were to fight. I hope Kevin wins. Vill N shouldn’t be the villain.
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That game gear looks suspiciously like burnbot from brain dump
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Game Gear and Gameboy from Captain N are both machines, but Gameboy identifies as a male so I decided to make Game Gear identify as a female. Given her screen has colour and more resolution I wanted her to have more of a face than what Gameboy had and gave her more anime-ish like eyes.

But yeah, I see the resemblence. But her personality is more inspired by BMO from Adventure Time. Someone who is playful and curious but less annoying as Gameboy was in Captain N.
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Gameboy wasnt annoying and he was useful
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Gamegear doesn’t have more resolution and Gameboy has more of a face. Gamegear doesn’t look anime.
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Gameboy was just there to promote the actual handheld console. He didn't really contribute all that much to most stories.
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Dude no he wasn’t there to promote the console. He was helpful throughout the episodes. Yes he was a little annoying but he DID help out.
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King Charles: The ultimate Special Stage brought you here.

Captain S: You mean like Special Stage 6 in Sonic the Hedgehog?

King Charles: Well, in a way.
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Ha! That be a perfect line for first eps.
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It would have to be done.
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If I ever learn how to flash animate.

I've got 3 whole seasons, 13 episodes each planned out, but I never got round to animating it.
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You might want to switch to a more modern form of animation. Flash isn't really used much anymore.
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I thought Flash has been around for so long it's more accessable now for those starting out.
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Well, I'm not much of an expert on animation, but flash has started dying out, but it could be good for beginners.
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I hope so. The "quality" I have in mind for Captain S is about the same as the original Captain N cartoon. And given what they had back then it still be a noticable leap in improovement.
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Oh hey nice. You drawn that idea of yours. It seems like forever since you posted something on here.
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It has, been in a bit of an art flunk.
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