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My Eggman x Sonic oc Children. Since I'M closing down my other acccount a-zeldafan95 I descided to put them on my new account.  Here's their bio:

Name: Yakini



Species:Human/ Hedgehog Hybrid

Eye Color: Emerald

Genreal physical description:

His fur and spikes are brown the same color as eggmans hair color.  But he was born looking  physcially like sonic species. He
wears a hoodie and Brown pants. Working gloves on his hands and Wears Googles with tenashoes on his feet.

Yakini wears Glasses due to being legally Blind. Also wears a  Brown belt with a Black buckel.

Has an IQ of 781. Hates being evil but longs for massive creavity in various techincial fields. Has a very caring personality and hates eggmans family business. Can be very  cruel and vindictive at certain moments.

Hometown: A secluded place in mobius surrounded by clean nature.

Type of home:  Currently living with his parents sonic and eggman in Mobius.

Relationship status: Currently single but longs for a companion that is not clingly or  crazy. Will not accept people that are set up for him on a date.

Current family: Eggman(Father), Sonic(mother), Sopko(sister).

Friends: A chao Named Sivleive.

Job: A mechanic with high promise and excellent skills in anything he creates or takes  an interest in and is also a singer who hides his identiy very well .

Favorite pastimes:  Working on His extreme gear and riding it, Desiging pollution  absorbing machines to destroy Pollution and hazardious substances, singing.

Hobbies:Singing, Tennis, Exetreme gears riding, Games, Cooking, Any sports that provides  chanellege,music.

Favorite foods:Steak, Tacos, Spinach, Fine seafood cuicine , Kobs any kind, Sweets.  

Strongest positive personality trait: His values in people make him a formitable friend an ally. Even though he's a little hard to get to know. But once you know him he will be open whenever you need him.

Strongest Negative Personality trait:  His Crude and Vindictive Personility imediately  makes people believe that he is a terriable,backstabbing, an untrustworthy indivial but  that is not true he just doesn't want to be like both of his parents.

Sense of humor: Very dry and a little corny.

Temper: His anger and temper are like sonic's.

Skills: Super speed like sonic but inheired the ability to Teleport,Disort reality,and  travel to alternate realities. Yakini can also creates copies of himself but they don't last very long.

Personality and Background:
Yakini personally is very untrusting of other people and it will take a large amount of time and place to understand the perosn underneath.

He will not tolerate annoying people who believe that he loves them cause he doesn't and will hurt,maim,Shot, and break a person like this if they  persist in trying.

Yakini has both eggman and sonic in him and doesn't want to be like either of  them even though  his  hidden indentions will reflects his desire to be. He does  trust sonic to a great extent but doesn't  trust people the way he does.

Cause on one hand Sonic so called friends couldn't stop amy who he saved along time ago from hurting him while she tried to to force her affection on him. Which he clearly didn't want at all.

And Eggman whose family is from a long line of evil even though it wasn't always that way made him feel trusting to him but at the same time a bit sucipious. 

Yakini was born from sonic body when sonic and eggman began dating secretly and Married  with sonic siblings  and his mother as witness to their union.  After three years  of being married eggman invented a pregnancy serum an after some serious discussion with sonic  and a argument on who would be the mom and dad. Both agreed and sonic had the serum injected into his abdomen an after a day of rest sonic had sex with eggman.  Two days went by and sonic conceived yakini. 

Yakini was born on 06/19/03 and sonic an eggman had a sort of tempermental argument on  his name due to the fact that eggman wanted to name their son after him but sonic wouldn't let him. So sonic named him Yakini and eggman accepted it grudgely.

When Yakini was Two Sopko was born. Years passed and despite having to share his parents  the two of them get along despite their personalities.




Species:human/hedgehog hybrid

Eye Color: emerald.

Hometown:  A secluded place in mobius surrounded by clean nature.

Type of home:  Currently living with her parents sonic and eggman in Mobius.

Relationship status: Is currently single.

Current family: Eggman(Father),Sonic(Mother),Yakini(Brother).

Friends:Yakini, Sonic, her brother chao Named Sivleive. 

Favorite pastimes:  Running, Cooking,Learning everyones secret,Riding her exetreme gear,  All Games on every consoles, Junkfood.

Hobbies: Making glass, Sports, Wrestling, Games.

Favorite foods: Chili Dogs, Seafood, Any fruits, Ramen.

Strongest positive personality trait: Has a positive outlook in life that makes her  question whether or not life can really be happy. But oversees this notion that she  feels on a daily bases.

Strongest Negative Personality trait: Sopko has a very distrust of people for you never  know who could be that crazy pychaotic person like amy. She feels that others are very  useless and untrustworthly and therefore will interogate more than when she's alone or  with a group of people.


Sense of humor:Sopko has the talent of a comedian and would succede very well at it.

Temper: She loses her anger on a daily bases due to not understanding highly advanced

Skills: Teleprtation, Creates wormholes,  ninja techniques, Martial arts.

Personality and Background:

Sopko is a very sophiticated person with a violitale personality. Fairly Cunning and  fair from stupid. Sopko is prone to some very properment mood swings. This makes her  very hard to be around and a bit On the Anger side.

Sopko distrust people to keep herself safe from them and only her family has managed to  gain her full trust and respect.  For others to know her it would take a lot of spending  time with her to know.

Sopko does wish for love but is very carefull in finding it. Mostly due to sonic giving  her advice due to his experiance with amy.

Sopko was born to sonic and eggman when Yakini was two and this made it very hard on  both adults especially sonic. Sopko fought for sonic attention more than eggmans and it  took a toll on the family.  But eggman managed to spend some time with her and sopko began to open up to him.

Also Eggman managed to name his second child due to a rock paper scissor with sonic when  sopko was born.

Years passed and Sopko began studying as a scolar in all fields.


No journal entries yet.


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