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This is very well shaded and detailed, seeing that Mezmaron (the leader of the Ghost Monsters) is shaded in red to make room for these ...

I am a girl who likes the Road Runner as well. You drew Road Runner perfectly like in the original Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies car...

That's really awesome! I always loved to watch Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog since I was 13 years old and I still do at times. Also,...


Dad-a-Kirby and Meta-son
I got inspired from reading the first comic of :iconmarkproductions: MarkProductions's Dad-a-Knight Goes Bowling comic series and I randomly was wondering what it'd be like if Kirby was the dad and if Meta Knight was his son. The broccoli reappears from this series.

Art by me
Kirby and Meta Knight belong to HAL and Nintendo
The Dad-a-Knight series is by MarkProductions, of course!
Lucahjin and ProtonJon, Congrats on Banjo-Kazooie!
I drew this picture as a fanart in tribute to Lucahjin and ProtonJon because Lucahjin is almost finished with her Banjo-Kazooie Let's Play series! Enjoy :D
Human!Piggy Stardust
Personally, I reeeeeaaaaally love the name Piggy Stardust... ah, so much that I decided to draw a human version of her and she kind of looks like a Vocaloid, don't you think?

I hope you like it :)
Nikki 2018
I updated my Kirby persona again and this time she has wavier hair and glasses. She also doesn't wear the crown either, even if she may at some occasions. I hope you all enjoy :) :D

Link to her original appearance from three years ago when I was a teen: mysticchaosemeralds.deviantart…
Nikki Runner: Who wants some sushi? by MysticChaosEmeralds
"Duck Runners Hunters"
Written by: Nikki Roessler and Rafael Augusto


*In a Chinese town, a new sushi restaurant named "Super Sushi Express" has been open recently. While the restaurant's waitress named Nikki Runner waits for customers, she usually likes to watch episodes of The Big Bang Theory on the restaurant's big television screen. When somebody came in one day, she had to pause the Big Bang Theory all episode marathon and she got herself dressed in her kimono outfit. She comes up to the customer while she's doing her job.*
NIKKI RUNNER: Welcome to Super Sushi Express, how can I help you?

ACT 1.5

*Meanwhile, in the United States of America...*
RAFA DUCK: Hmmmm hummmm... look! It's the Great Hunter in the World named Kreig McFuryus! But the only thing is that he hasn't hunted a road runner, and...... duck?????? Hehe, I think this font is a lie, uuuuuh... it's my luck, he lives only in China!


*Back at the Super Sushi Express restaurant in China, she realizes that her customer is actually Kreig McFuryus.*
NIKKI RUNNER: So do you want some sushi?
KREIG MCFURYUS: Actually, I want a chāojí yú kǎo yòng tèzhì de jiàng zhī zhōngguó rén!
NIKKI RUNNER: Okay! Fish can be served as appetizers for sushi dishes but if you want just the fish with the sauce, it's fine. So coming right up!
KREIG MCFURYUS: I'm waiting! I need to hunt ducks and road runners....
*As soon as Nikki turned around, Kreig shockingly notices her long purple feathery tail.*
KREIG MCFURYUS: Wait a second... you're a road runneeeer???
NIKKI RUNNER: Yep, I'm hired as a waitress here at Super Sushi Express. And since duck sauce is the most delectable Chinese sauce ever, would you want your grilled fish to have that on it?
KREIG MCFURYUS: Noooo! I'm Kreig McFuryus! The Best Hunter in the Earth! And now, I catch yooouuu!
NIKKI RUNNER: And I thought Rafa Duck was the best hunter in the world! Perhaps, you'd like the fish with duck sauce on it for free instead and you'd at least give me a tip! AIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!
*She runs as fast as she can.*
KREIG MCFURYUS: Hahaha I know you soooooooo fast! Because of this, I'm with myyyyyyy Super Drulter Carrrrrr which is infinite times more fast than a race car!
NIKKI RUNNER: Oh yeah? Well, I've been go-kart racing too! But wait, I probably should get back to watching The Big Bang Theory!
KREIG MCFURYUS: Hahaha! I'm going to catch you!
NIKKI RUNNER: I have an idea, maybe we'll go on a go-kart race and see who's faster at hunting! And man, I could've told you that I'm a champ at go-kart races because I've been playing so much Mario Kart!
KREIG MCFURYUS: Ooh, you play Mario Kart too? I played every Mario Kart! the original Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario Kart GP 2, Mario Kart Wii, 7, 8, 8 Deluxe!
NIKKI RUNNER: Yeah, wait, you've played the arcade ones? I haven't yet! That's so cool! Alright, I'm ready whenever you're ready!
*She winks.*
KREIG MCFURYUS: I'm more ready than youuuuuu!
*She puts on a Virtual Reality headset and takes off her waitress kimono, then she goes on the go-kart and buckles her seatbelts.*
NIKKI RUNNER: Whoa! It's a Mario Kart Virtual Reality game! Cool!
KREIG MCFURYUS: Wha? Whaaaat is that????
NIKKI RUNNER: What, you never heard of virtual reality? Well, it's the new kind of technology going around now that uses software to generate the realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment or create an imaginary setting and simulate a user's physical presence in this environment. Usually, virtual reality is three-dimensional... here, you can give it a try too!
*She gives Kreig a virtual reality headset that has the same Mario Kart virtual reality game as her own virtual reality headset.*
KREIG MCFURYUS: Nooo! I don't want to play games! I want to catch you! You can play every time when you turn into a ghost!
NIKKI RUNNER: Fine, then we're not going to go kart racing!
*She takes off her virtual reality headset.*


NIKKI RUNNER: And we'll instead do it the traditional way! Catch me if you can!
*She runs very fast.*
KREIG MCFURYUS: Hahahaha! You only speaking one of the lines of Sonic The Hedgehog will not do you any good! With my Mirror Weapons Gun, I'll get you!
*He throws a net over at her and picks it up.*
KREIG MCFURYUS: Hahahaha! I caught you! You think I'm silly like Rafa Duck, the worst hunter in the world?
NIKKI RUNNER: If I easily have to pick one of you who's actually the best hunter in the world, I would say Rafa!
KREIG MCFURYUS: What? Whyyyyyyyyy?
*Rafa Duck appears and whacks Kreig in the head with a sledgehammer.*
RAFA DUCK: Because I'm the only one who can hunt Nikki Runner!
KREIG MCFURYUS: Rafa Duck, you here? Uuugh I can even hunt you both, but you can not! You know what, I can, haha!
RAFA DUCK: Ahhhhh!
NIKKI RUNNER: Of course I've stated the obvious because I've heard the truth and you have spoken it many times, Rafa! Now there's no time to waste, we both need to run from that weirdo named Kreig!
KREIG MCFURYUS: Hahahaha you guys are so small I can get you by the hand! Haha!
*Kreig grabs Nikki Runner and Rafa Duck by their necks with both of his hands. She starts coughing.*
KREIG MCFURYUS: I declare myself the best hunter in the world!
*Kreig throws both Nikki Runner and Rafa Duck out. She squeals.*
RAFA DUCK: Ahhhhhhhhh!
KREIG MCFURYUS: Haha! I threw them away and they died! I've become the best hunter in the world! Hehe!


NIKKI RUNNER: No no no no no no! Why?
*She sniffles and then starts crying hysterically.*
RAFA DUCK: What's with you now?
NIKKI RUNNER: We were both thrown out by Kreig and there's no way we'd stop him! It looks like we have no choice but to help each other instead of do our usual chasing shenanigans.... pretty please!!!
*She sobs softly.*
RAFA DUCK: What? Hmmmm........... I'll get another job!
NIKKI RUNNER: Then what will you do?
*She sniffles.*
RAFA DUCK: Retirement, hehe! I can't beat that Kreig McFuryus! I'm going now, bye bye! I'm leaving!
NIKKI RUNNER: Aw, goodbye Rafa!
*She comes over to him gently and gives him a soft hug but she is still very sad.*
RAFA DUCK: Uuuuuuuh, okay! I'm going to help you! But what do you want to do?
NIKKI RUNNER: Would you like to go to Super Sushi Express? I work there as a waitress. Also, one more thing! I have no idea how we can beat Kreig!
RAFA DUCK: No thanks, I already ate. And I don't know either!
NIKKI RUNNER: Okay. Hmm... so obviously we can't go back to China since he threw us out. But we can find a way to get back in..... aha! About my waitress job at Super Sushi Express, I'll wear my kimono from when I was working there. I think you should have a disguise too.
RAFA DUCK: No! I just retired!
NIKKI RUNNER: Oh..... I know you told me.
*She yawns.*
NIKKI RUNNER: I'm kind of bored..... can we go to my house and play video games?
RAFA DUCK: Hmmm okay!


*Both Nikki Runner and Rafa Duck go to her house.*
NIKKI RUNNER: I have my Nintendo Wii, let's play Mario Kart!
RAFA DUCK: Ammmmmm, Nikki Runner... look at that!
KREIG MCFURYUS: Hahaha, I win! This has been a long time since I've ever played these games!
RAFA DUCK: Kreig, you're here? But but but but but but but but but but but but...
NIKKI RUNNER: But but but but but but but but but but but but but but but but....... HOW DID YOU GET HERE?
RAFA DUCK: Whaaaat is this!??
KREIG MCFURYUS: Ammm, I don't know haha!
NIKKI RUNNER: Huh? Seriously though, Kreig, how did you get here?
RAFA DUCK: Hmmmmm... well, this is your house so bye!
NIKKI RUNNER: Bye, but you're welcome to come in anytime Rafa! Kreig though, you aren't welcome at all! GO AWAY!!
KREIG MCFURYUS: You didn't die? I will now hunt you again!
NIKKI RUNNER: Of course we didn't die!


*Nikki Runner runs out of her house and she tries to find Rafa while she's running away from Kreig.*
RAFA DUCK: Hey you big piece of stinky cheese, over here!
KREIG MCFURYUS: Aaaaarrrghhhh, duck!
NIKKI RUNNER: Rafa, watch out!
*She carefully grabs onto Rafa's hand while they both run from Kreig as fast as they can.*
RAFA DUCK: Don't worry! I...
*Kreig has his gun out and shoots Rafa.*
RAFA DUCK: ...ouuuch....
*She starts crying again while she carries Rafa and she's still running.*
RAFA DUCK: Nikki Runner, stop! I have an idea! You can observate!
*She sniffles.*
*She nods her head and she goes observating.*


Journal History


MysticChaosEmeralds's Profile Picture
Nikki Roessler
Artist | Student | Digital Art
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I just returned from DeviantART because a friend of mine told me to do so. :)
This new profile picture is a random snapshot of Dr. Quack and Capital B from my favorite video game, Yooka-Laylee! XD


Here is my gender button:
Also here is a BFDI-themed fan button with my favorite character on it:
Here are my two favorite colors and my personality trait:
And here's a random stamp collection with object show stuffz in there:

(LOL! Look at the beginning! It's good-lookin' Ingot! XD)

Guys, I found my childhood here:


In some fandoms I support these kinds of couples:

-----///-----Autism awareness
---|||---|||---I'm autistic and
---|||---|||---proud of it
------///-----Copy and paste this on your
-----///----profile if you support
----///-----or have autism


(AHHHHHHHHH!!! Isn't he so cute? I just wanna hug him so bad! X'3)

Flowey's Funny Faces Stamp by DerpySponge43
Undertale stamp by AMintleaf Mettaton Ex Stamp by Lessandrant
[Undertale] Fem!Frisk Stamp by poi-rozen [Undertale] Male!Chara Stamp by poi-rozen (that's what I believe so don't judge meh please)
Undertale Sans/Papyrus Stamp by Krackat

Starfy x Miku Stamp by SuperStarfy2002 (don't judge meh about that either TwT)

AAAAaaannnd that's about it. :3


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