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What a whirlwind. It seems that life is just going so fast right now, and yet at the same time I have nothing to show for it. Don't get me wrong, I love the way things are now. I've got a new job with normal hours and less chance of being eaten by my clients. (Yes that was an unfortunately constant danger at my last place of employment) Things are good. However as certain things fall into place other worries fill the void they leave. Where am I going to live 3 months from now? I'm already a state away from where I'm working, so I assume I need to relocate closer to that (the added benefit being I'll be closer to my girl) - how can I afford that though? My finances are a very messy splatter of poor decisions from my teens and early twenties. Ah...reckless youth. For my younger readers I cannot stress enough how important it is to be on top of all of your financial stuff as soon as you get your freedom. Your late twenties/early thirties will thank you.

Enough griping. Let's talk about more exciting things! I was featured recently in the "X-Pose It" newsletter. You should definitely check them out. I found some very good stuff in their archives. I tell you, it was definitely a shock to be contact about my inclusion. It was definitely unexpected, however wonderful. :)

Anyway friends, strangers and fans. That's about it for my update for now. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll have something finished from my archives of unfinished work. Maybe I'll even start something new, we'll see.

((Thank you for the llamas! Everyone deserves a llama!))
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