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Freshly shaven by mysticbliss11 Freshly shaven :iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 0 0
Road Justice
"Road Justice"
Flying down the road
I can already see your face
But first I have to survive
The struggles of this rat race
My knuckles grow white
As they crack against the wheel
My thoughts begin to wander
And my senses begin to reel
When a rival from the darkness
Cuts me off quickly from the right
And I'm snapped back to reality
My heart thumping for the fight
But I held onto my composure
I breathed deeply in and out
And before I could even blink twice
Before I had time to shout
I saw the flashing of blue lights
And the sirens screamed through the air
And I smiled as I passed on by
Waving with a jaunty flair
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 0 0
Sometimes I know that it is unfair
It feels as though we're always ensnared
Let me be your strength - you are not alone
We could fight together against the unknown
When the world is all shadows and covered in grime
We can make the darkness, brighten and shine
We can fight against the root of all of your pain
It isn't always easy, going against the grain
Let me help you sort through all of the lies
Sometimes we need help just to realize
This life is often nothing like we planned
But to right all the wrongs we must take a stand
This world is brighter babe, whenever you smile
The sunshine it brings can be seen for a mile
I'd like to make an effort to keep those eyes twinkling
You see my darling, I have an inkling
That you know exactly what it is that I mean
So together, let's set the scene
If I could I would make sure all your dreams came true
If it's within' my power, this I promise you
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 1 3
BJ as 'Vinnie' in The Odd Couple by mysticbliss11 BJ as 'Vinnie' in The Odd Couple :iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 0 0 Fourth Teaspoon (Promo Shot) by mysticbliss11 Fourth Teaspoon (Promo Shot) :iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 0 0
I was alone
Or so I thought
Hearing only the sounds
Of my broken heart
This silence is forboding
The pain, all too real
I smile quite falsely
My true feelings concealed
I know this isn't over
Though I shake and feel queasy
I know what comes easy won't last
And what lasts won't come easy
And so I fight to be strong
I'm not willing to give up like that
This story will be one
We'll look back and laugh at
I swallow my pride
Wipe the tears from her eyes
Look into those pools
And refuse to say 'good-bye'
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 3 2
What I Wouldn't Do
"What I Wouldn't Do"
What I wouldn't do for you
I'd climb the highest trees
I'd fight a million grizzly bears
I'd suffer through a deep freeze
What I wouldn't do for you
I'd swim across the deepest seas
I'd walk across the hottest coals
I'd wear a coat of bees
What I wouldn't do for you
I'd jump across the sky
I'd let you eat the last muffin
I'd never make you cry
What I wouldn't do for you
I'd live on water and rye
I'd hold you at your sickest
I'd never say to you 'good bye'
What I wouldn't do for you
It's more than just what's above
But I can promise you this right now
Everything I do is out of love
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 1 2
So Much
"So Much"
My love for you echoes
EVery time my heart beats
Whenever you leave me
For even a second, my heart weeps
I love you so much
And I don't mean to impose
I love you so much
More than the petals on every rose
My love for you burns
White hot and never obsolete
Every time I see you smile
My life feels so complete
I love you so much
More and more in every way
I love you so much
And my heart will never ever stray
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 1 0
My newest tattoo - To Me You Are Perfect by mysticbliss11 My newest tattoo - To Me You Are Perfect :iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 1 2
When I See You
"When I See You"
Every night when the moon shines
I look up and think of you
Every morning when the sun rises
You're the first thing I think of too
Your eyes are so radiant
They sparkle with charm and grace
Your smile is toxic
As is the beauty of the rest of your face
When my heart beats
It beats only for you
And when my thoughts are longing
I'm dreaming only that you were here too
No matter where you were to go
I'd have to give chase
For letting you go
Would be a disgrace
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 1 1
Feels Like Forever
"Feels Like Forever"
The low of the lows
Feels like forever
But even at their worst
We know they can only get better
Gain strength from our weakness
We will arise from the ashes
Just maneuver through the fog
And escape the lightning that flashes
The passion keeps flowing
Through our veins, strong and true
Our love can keep us going
While everything else goes askew
Just focus on what's coming
Everyday it's a little bit nearer
Because when it comes to you and me, darlin'
The future couldn't be clearer
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 2 0
I love you more
Than every star in the sky
I love you more
Than every tear ever cried
I love you more
Than every hair a dog has shed
I love you more
Than every word ever said
Your eyes inspire
And your lips entice
I consider your embrace
To be true paradise
My love has no bounds
Nothing seems to compare
My mind keeps reeling
I thought you should be aware
I love you more
With each and every day
I love you so much
And I couldn't help but say
I love you.
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 2 0
My Perfect
"My Perfect"
When my days turn sour
The way your hair falls just right
Makes everything perfect
Chases the shadows from the night
Your smile alone
Turns the rain into sun
And makes every little chore feel like
The epitome of fun
Every touch from you is a treasure
Your smile, like priceless art
Every whisper makes me shiver
Each time I see you it makes me start
Thinking about how lucky I am to have found you
You are my perfect through and through
My dear, my darling
I'm completely yours
Please don't forget how much  I love you.
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 3 4
Don't Forget
"Don't Forget"
Don't worry about my pain
I'm serious, I will be okay
It's more important for us
To survive another day
Don't forget my promises
I swear that they will ring true
They could take everything away
But still I will keep on loving you
Maybe it's too much to ask you
Perhaps I want too much
But lately your voice is all I want to hear
And your skin all I want to touch
I understand I can be trouble
I never planned it to be that way
But the way you love me is like nothing else;
It takes my breath away
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 6 0
The Scarecrow by mysticbliss11 The Scarecrow :iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 1 2
The shadows are moving
Howls break the still of night
But out there in the distance
Is there a glimmering of light?
A beacon of hope
Against the dark that consumes
Every pleasant memory
This monster of gloom and doom
One who can overcome the beast
A hero clad in white and gold
With vigilance and strength
And of course a pure white soul
With strength and aplomb
And a halo only I can see
She can drive away the night
She will come and rescue me
:iconmysticbliss11:mysticbliss11 3 3



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