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(Com) Dont interrupt my reading...

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2$ Commission for BonjoLasermaster.
Oc belongs to him and xXPinkuuXx.
art belongs to me.

Enjoy! Also on twitter


BonjoLasermaster xXPinkuuXx
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Interesting way of drawing fire: with sparkles.

You captured her well. This is definitely something she’d be doing at any point in her life. I like the nuances of the lighting between the two versions. How only the door version has an extra shine to her glasses.

I was thinking about how you were looking for more poses. Some of the thoughts that ran through my head included looking at other animated shows, like Pokémon, Digimon, Yu Gi Oh, and what (incidentally all card games, but so many characters that they kind of have to come up with a lot of posing!), or stills from live action movies and TV as well. Throwing out ideas here.

Thanks once again for a great piece! Taking a break now, I presume?

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MysticalWolfLoverHobbyist General Artist
Thx. Yeah im taking a break to prep for school and mental health. Also to draw some of the ocs ive adopted on here. Ill be back when i feel better tho ^^
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Mental health is important! I hope you can get/make some good art of your own characters, wish you luck for school, and I’ll see you when you’re ready!

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MysticalWolfLoverHobbyist General Artist
Thx. ^^