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Shorter month but I got some more things done. In this entry, I'll discuss the art stuff and what's been happening recently but really, it's probably gonna be about tech.

Art Stuff. I tackled a bunch of sketches I had lying around. I still have some left I have yet to do. Yet again, the safe stuff didn't take priority so stuff to post here won't be abundant. To combat this, I will make an effort to have a safe and naughty version of the same picture. That'll probably make the safe versions look a bit weird and if you took a second look at one or two recent pictures, you can tell they're hiding something.

Pluggin. if you're into the naughty stuff, I recently made an alternate twitter for that at Also, I am continuing posting stuff on inkbunny at and hopefully will be caught up in a few months. 

Tech. Over the past 2 years, I've been slowly planning upgrades to my setup. Currently, I'm still using an intel i7 3770. Yes, that old. Gamers cringe. Surprisingly still adequate for my purposes. I knew an upgrade was gonna cost a lot so I decided to make a sidegrade instead. I upgraded the old rig with more ram and swapped out the graphics card. Everything I decide to get as an upgrade takes a journey in my mind. In terms of my graphics card, I went from wanting a rx480 to a 1060 to a 1070ti to finally a 1070 to replace my antiquated radeon 7600 or was that a 7800? Bah, in the drawer you go. The journey continues with which CPU I want to upgrade to. Seeing how intel is usually higher in cost, I decided to go with AMD as my next CPU. It went from me wanting a 1700 to a 2700x to the unreleased 3rd gen ryzen to an i7 to a 2600x. Besides the other components such as the mainboard, ram and cooler, the tech upgrade does not end there. I'm in need of another hdmi monitor preferably one with an ips panel and decent color reproduction. I'll need to eventually replace the first old monitor with that exact same model so they both match. I'll also need the arms to go along with it. Wait... the tech upgrade still does not end there because...

Itsdedjim. Things don't last forever. My old Canon digital camera recently suffered a mechanical malfunction and became unusable. I barely used the thing too and gave up just like that. You know what else is old? Android OS 4.4 and that's exactly what my phone is still on. You know what else sucks? Apps that no longer support that OS. You know what that means. I need a new phone. It'll be tough in this day and age when phones cost hundreds and you need to finance something in order to get one. Hey, did you guys see the new folding phones which cost around 2k? Ohboy, tech is expensive. I can tell you one thing, I'm surprised my old rig lasted this long. I bet it still has a few good years left in it.

At this point, I'll probably wait for 3rd gen ryzen. By the time I have the funds for it, it'll be out already. Comment section below, let me know what you think of my upgrade options. BTW, anyone using a Huion tablet, the ones with a screen on it? If so, how does it hold up to a cintiq?
I hope you all had a good holiday. There's not much to ramble about since this is more of an announcement. 

Tweet. Since fumblr has become less useful to me, I have decided to post the naughty stuff on twitter. If any of you are into that and I know some of you are, you can follow at

Art Pack. Speaking of saucy stuff, the next art pack is now up on Gumroad which contains all the non commissioned artwork I have done from July to December 2018. It includes adult and non adult in large PNG format with applicable alternates and extras. You can purchase it at

Future Pictures. Here are the pictures ready to post in the next month or two: 6 pony pictures, 1 peach, 1 girl and 1 BG.

Um... er... *looks around frantically for stuff to talk about* Ah, so how's the weather? 
The year's almost over and what a year it has been. I feel it wasn't the best year but hey, we're still alive... *sobs in the corner*

The art stuff. I have been concentrating on commissions this past month or two because of a time sensitive financial situation. Hopefully, that is resolved. The holiday commission sale was a success. Thank you for those of you who sent some my way. Aside from the commissions, I am now rushing to get the patreon rewards finished before the end of the month. All of that means I haven't done much sfw stuff I can post here but I still have 8 things I can post and possibly a commission or two. 

Fumblr. I'm sure some of you know about what tumblr did this month. If you haven't, they basically changed their policy to disallow adult content on their platform. Why? Because they got kicked out of the apple app store for certain malicious activity. Somewhere, someone in HQ most likely got tired of hearing about the ongoing problems with the platform, threw their hands up and decided to mandate the new policy. Banging their fists on the desk like Jameson is how I pictured it. So since they lack the staff to check content, they have bots flagging potentially unwanted content including falsely flagging content that's totally squeaky clean. Gee, where have I heard this before? *looks at youtube* At one point, I thought it would be a good place to archive all my art. Ah well, all things must come to an end as Spock said. Will tumblr go away because of this? I think it won't be the end for them because of this new policy. They will eventually become less relevant and gradually fade away. 

What does that mean for me? I currently have a blog for posting safe ponies and I have another for posting naughty ponies and furries. Obviously, the latter is an issue. I'm certain tumblr no longer allows photographic adult content but they didn't go into details on art and illustrated naughty stuff. Seeing how half my blog is flagged, I assume that's not okay either. What do I do now? I can still post safe ponies on there but it's less useful to me now since I can't post naughty ponies. For now, I'm posting that on my Discord server. Eventually, I will have them on inkbunny as well. Other artists have migrated to twitter and newgrounds. Other places I have heard are furaffinity and mastodon.

Patreon dramatica. Tumblr wasn't the only thing that had some drama going on. Patreon recently received some opposition because they removed a creator for, what some say, questionable reasons. Whether or not I think it's right for them to do so, I think it will not affect them in the long run. Just in case they end up going away, I have been thinking about using Gumroad for early access stuff.

Holidays. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Happy holidays if you wanna be PC about it. My family doesn't celebrate the common holidays much. Since we're always teetering on the edge of financial oblivion, it wasn't necessary to devote resources to do so. These past two months has made me realize that my situation can change with a drop of a hat. It felt like a roller-coaster ride of despair and ignorant bliss. There are times when I just didn't wanna deal or talk with anyone. In the end, I'm glad I talked to someone about it and I'm grateful for their support. It goes to show that having friends and family there with you is important and being able to have nice shiny things for the holidays isn't necessary.
UPDATE: This sale is finished. Thank you for everyone who sent commissions and I'll see you next time!

Hey look, it's the holidays! You know what that means, right?
I'm in the poor house and you need a gift. 

For the month of December and possibly into January, I will be offering 1 character commissions for only $20.
Here is the info:

  • 1 character in MLP:FIM (my little pony) style such as a pony, griffon, dragon, kirin, etc.
  • OC characters based on MLP:FIM are accepted; you must have references.
  • Character will have to be feral (non-anthro).
  • Simple backgrounds only such as nature, gradient, white, transparent, solid colors.
  • SFW only.
  • You have to be a flexible on what you want. I want to avoid going back and forth with you a million times.
  • Payment accepted via Paypal. No trades and no points.

No complex stuff:
  • such as elaborate clothing or armor; simple clothing and armor are probably okay. Ask me first
  • such as putting the character into a sports car
  • such as weapons, fictional or real; simple weapons such as swords are probably okay. Ask me first
  • such as overly complex design/tattoos/patterns that's part of the body
  • such as other characters and/or living creatures and/or AI characters with the first character
  • such as other complex stuff that I deem worth more time and effort that I can't possibly list all of it here even if I employed a room of monkeys on typewriters for a lifetime
Some examples:
Cloudzappersleep by mysticalpha  Dander-float by mysticalpha  Slimy-patch by mysticalpha  Pharynx by mysticalpha  Twilight-friendship-version by mysticalpha  Spike-wings (2) by mysticalpha  Jackhammer-pinkie by mysticalpha  Soarin (3) by mysticalpha

There will be a limited number of slots available for this sale. I'm going to start with 5 slots.
Slots 0 out of 5 available.

If you want to take advantage of this sale, send me a note with the details and say you want to a $20 commission. If it falls under the above criteria, we'll move forward from there.

If you want something that's more than the limits of the above, it will obviously be more than $20. I may be available for such a commission. Send me a note on the details if you're interested and I'll give you a price.

  • You have to speak enough English for me to communicate with you. 
  • If you want a commission, send me a note. Do not post a comment here or anywhere else on my pages. They will be hidden and ignored.
  • If you haven't paid for a commission, it doesn't mean I owe you one.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission regardless of how many slots I have left.
*Crawls out of drawing dungeon*

So... it's been a while since I wrote one of these. In light of the deviantArt Eclipse, I took another look at what's on my profile and contemplated what the new changes will bring. I believe the journals will stay around... *checks* yeah, there is mention of that. I decided to give journals another shot. In the past, entries has been a bit sparsed, filled with back burner ideas and things that'll never get done. For what I'm working on, I want to focus on mentioning more immediate things. I will also talk about random things that I happen to come across during the month so far and updates to long term projects and goals.

Pony Stuff
Most of you like the ponies so we'll start off with that. What did I think about the last season? I don't know... I haven't watched it. It's not that I lost interest. Watching anything, even if it's an episode, requires commitment on my part. Otherwise, I will miss most of what it has to offer. When I'm watching an episode, I like to take it all in and start thinking up ideas of what to draw. If I have my head down on my tablet, I won't be able to do that. It's the same thing with anime, I have to actively watch it and read the subs to understand what's going on. I have heard things about what happened last season such as the Kirin and uh... what's her name? *checks* cozy glow. She reminds me of Darla from Cats Don't Dance. I want her to be the new evil mastermind like Equestria has never seen; so evil that even Tirek's afraid of her. She'll even do [another] song about her evil ways in a pink dress on top of a piano.

Art Stuff
The art stuff is still going. For those of you with a keen eye may have noticed that one my patreon pages is gone. I decided to concentrate on just one page, the saucy page. Because of this, the rate of safe stuff I can do in a month will be just like before I started on patreon. If you are interested in the saucy stuff, feel free to check out the link at the bottom. I also post early safe stuff on the public feed there. 

On the queue ready to post will be 4 ponies, 1 furry, 4 humans. 
- Twilight in a suit 2: Did I ever post the first one? *checks* hmm, no I haven't. Okay, maybe I should since it's not that saucy. #2 is just a superman parody.
- Rarity portrait: Rarity anthro in a dress. She looks angry though.
- Rainbow portrait: Just an anthro in a hoodie.
Why yes, there are saucy versions of the above. You'll have to find them though.
- Sweetie belle: her dancing... kinda
- A kitty with wings: just wanted to draw a kitty with wings
- hOOMunz: 3 girls and a mustache guy if you care about non furry things

On the to-do list will be a catgirl mage, celly x luna pic, 3 isabel... woop, those are saucy, forget what you heard. There's an octavia pic, a Marle pic, princess peach bride, and maybe a Yona pic.

Pop Culture?
So what's the deal with furry pokemon? Having a pikachu wear a detective hat and do the doolittle thing with a would be trainer is one thing but rendering all that fur? Before a heated discussion starts, I have to say that I am totally okay with it. Why? Because I'm not that into pokemon. I'm not a hardcore fan, I never played the games and I don't hate it either. There has to be some give when doing a live action film base on a 2D animation. There are some things I noticed from the trailer that I find interesting and slightly amusing (spoilers?). Pikachu doesn't have black beady eyes, Squirtle seems to be missing, Mr. Mime is creepy (maybe they should have added fur), Psyduck still stares into space, vore fans will be very interested in that charizard/pikachu scene, and it's apparently that time of the year when all the bulbasaurs make their annual migratory march to warmer climate.

Speaking of pokemon, there's a new game out. It seems to also be tailored to beginners. I wouldn't mind trying it out just because eevee's cute... so cute... *brushes teeth*
I plunged myself into Oxygen not Included, that space colony sim game. It will take several tries to progress to the end game, if I can even make it that far. Dealing with gas is challenging.
I heard there's a new Minecraft modpack out called Stoneblock. It's like skyblock but surrounded by stone. I wonder if I should fall down that rabbit hole again. Surely, there has to be more to it than just being surrounded by stone.

Real Life
It just snowed for one day and now it's all gone because of the rain. I got to test out my new boots. The old cheapos I bought has a hole in it so I invested (heh, for a pair of boots) in buying a slightly pricier pair. This month, I learned there's such a thing called mink oil which you treat leather with it in order to protect it from water. *Runs up to your ear* ... it's made from minks ... *runs*

That's all the rambling I can think of at this time. In the comment section below, let me know what your favorite pony episode from last season is, which pokemon character you're interested in seeing real-ified, and whether or not you think minks are evil.

The Plugging
Alright, it's time to plug it in. I gotta do it. It was inevitable. You can show your support at the following locations:
  • Patreon where I do saucy stuff if you pledge. For as little as 100 pennies, you can vote and see the top 3 characters from the show per month. There's no need to pledge for the safe stuff (a follow is recommended).
  • Gumroad where I have art packs for sale. Currently, there's an art pack of all the January to June art packs combined. Some of it you may have seen and some of it you may have not. They are in high resolution PNG format. This pack won't stick around when the new year comes around so act fast if you want it.
  • Commissions are still available if you want one. Commission information is on my profile page on the mid left.
February is almost over so it's time for another plug update!
Here's the preview for this month's Patreon rewards:
Preview2 by mysticalpha If you want to see these in a few days, head on over to and show your support by 2/29!

Now that that's out of the way, I'm actually slightly ahead of schedule for once so that leaves me time to explore other things, namely non pony things. I plan on doing more of that in the coming months so you'll see some furry and hue-mon stuff. Of course if you're only watching me here, you'll only see half of it because the more racy stuff is elsewhere. I'm also exploring other non pony stuff on that front as well. The let's draw videos are continuing and I want to post 1 per week, preferably right before the weekend. That means you may see me stream some of it during odd hours. 

There's not much else that warrants writing about so I'll leave you with a question, aside from princess big mac and princess spike, which other canon character would make the princess cut from unusual circumstances that happened in the show (aside from the usual 4 I did earlier)? Yes, this will be a picture and I need 2 more characters.
So anyway, it's time to push that negative journal entry down with another update!

First, let's get the sellout plugging out of the way. Here's a preview of the Patreon January rewards:
Preview by mysticalpha If you wanna see these beginning of next month, head over to and become a supporter! Every little bit counts so that means even 1 dollar will enable me to acquire half a prisma pencil. 

Second, yes, I will do Babs as a CMC. Didn't those 3 devils angels say in bloom and gloom that if a crusader gets their cutie mark, they're no longer in the crusaders? That sounds cruel. At least give Babs a graduation ceremony. Regardless, I will do that picture. I'm pretty sure some fans has that as a headcanon. 

Third, I plan to do more furries. It's my late new years resolution which I will promptly break in a month or two. I plan to increase the sexy activity over on FA. I also plan on doing more pony anthros if I get to it.

Fourth, Commissions are still open so if you want one, commission info is on my profile page: . I've lifted the temporary 2 char MLP limit. Don't make me whip out my dunkin donuts cup.

Fifth, CHANGE! *shakes cup*

Sixth, I'm currently working on bringing the ponyderivative site back up. I have a ton of pictures to add so don't expect it to be up any time soon. In the distant future, I plan on revamping megaelixir site. Originally, when I began the chrono trigger webcomic (no, that's not dead), I wanted it to be a more general game art site. When I eventually become more comfortable with the above ambitions, I will slowly work my way back into game art.

Seventh, do you think they'll kill off the CMC name in future episodes? What will the CMC do now? Comment section below, leave your predictions.
You people can't just leave it alone can you? Okay, here we go again.

I've been notified a few times of certain theft of some of my art on redbubble by this this thief:…
selling questionable quality products with my art at the following pages:………

I did not give him permission to use my art on his products. In fact, I don't allow anyone to sell my art on their products. If you hear anything different from this person, he is lying. By browsing several of the products he is selling under his account, it is clear that at least half of the art do not belong to him and are probably stolen. I've been given advice regardless of my clear statement of not being bothered with theft notifications. Dealing with redbubble should not be the clear course of action. It is getting the word out that this guy is a thief is the answer. What happens when you do a takedown of the art? It gets taken down, any evidence of stolen art disappears and if redbubble doesn't suspend his account, he can just go and steal more to replace it. I implore anyone, especially the people who took the time and bothered to notify me of this theft to go out there and make it known that this guy is a thief. If you wanna tell it straight to his face, 

Here's his facebook:…
Here's his twitter:
Here's his email:
Here's his skype: rene.leudo

Retweet this…

If you are reading this Kyle Rene D and I know you are because I just tweeted and emailed this link to you, I have over 14,000 followers on here and 3,500 followers on tumblr reading this. The other artists you've stolen from probably have way more followers who will most likely do the same thing I'm doing so I leave it up to you to do the right thing. In the end, all you had to do was ask.

Followers, if you spread the word, I will draw babs as a CMC ;)

UPDATE: Looks like Kyle deleted his tweets, took down his info and deleted at least my art from his redbubble. Thanks everyone for the support! This doesn't mean it's over. It still looks like there are still art up on his redbubble page. If you recognize the artists who did those, they should know about it and call him out on it. 

UPDATE 2: His twitter is gone. Don't think he's turned over a new leaf. He may be making new accounts and trying again.

UPDATE 3: His redbubble account has been suspended. Good job guys. We've won the battle but the war on theft is always ongoing. Keep your helmets on.
Halloween approaches and it's time to stock up on toothbrushes and make sure our insurance is in check for the dentist. 

Preview by mysticalpha

It's also time for another update. It's been a while since the last one and it has indeed been busy as usual. First, let's get the plugging out of the way. Preview of this month's Patreon rewards are above so if you want to see them early, head to and show your support before the 31st. It includes the monthly Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters comic and the EQG cosplay group picture which took a while to finish. There's also one more slot left for a chance to request a 1 character picture each month you stay a patron for one of the tiers.

As usual, lots of pony pictures has been created which only a few has been posted so far. There are some that I am just not satisfied in posting until I've had a chance to fix them. Unfortunately, time is still not on my side so that's not going to happen any time soon. To add more to the time sink, I decided to start a comic series, Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters. The response to the first two has been good so far. Aside from the time and work to create each page, it's going to be more of a challenge to limit myself to A4 format in the hopes that one day there's going to be enough pages (and finances) to print a few books. I am also streaming some drawing on the let's draw youtube channel and picarto. Early stream notifications are available on my WIP blog via Patreon. 

As for the non pony stuff, creating content for each new episode has completely whittled away whatever time I had for it. Considering the significantly less interest in the non pony stuff here, I don't think anyone would miss them and I should probably stop trying to squeeze whatever excuse I have for not posting any. Besides, half of it is NSFW. No, this does not mean I'll stop doing the non pony stuff (ie chrono trigger comic). I just need to find time for it.

Commissions are still open so if you are interested, information is on my profile page on the mid left. It has been slow the past few months, so I'm hoping I don't have to start shaking my starbucks coffee cup around.

Looking toward the future, maybe create some OCs of my own and give/auction/sell them away or maybe go back to recreating scenes from the show.

Soooo... do you like candy corn?
Preview by mysticalpha

Time for another update!

First, let's get the plugging out of the way. Patreon rewards preview for June is above. If you want to see it beginning of next month, please show your support at by 6/30.

Second, since Patreon isn't doing well for me, I'm reluctantly opening up commissions again. This will, of course, add to the workload so limitations will still be in place. If you want one, commission info is on my profile page.

Third, oh for the love of god... let the season end! Pushing out a picture every week for it is making certain parts of my body raw! The next picture will be a 4 character picture afaik.

Fourth, I signed up for Picarto. Anyone interested in seeing me on there?

Fifth, I don't have anything positive to say. It has been quite hectic for me this month. I'll leave you with this
Another month gone and it's time for another update.

First, the preview for Patreon rewards this month, the Villains pack (chock full of backgrounds (in tier4)):
If you want to see it beginning of next month, pledge your support by the end of this month at
Preview by mysticalpha

Second, good thing I have 3 weeks until the 100th episode because I have a big idea for it and that's all I'm saying. I also started a comic series starring our favorite royal sisters in a simpler style. I already have 2 pages finished. I have not talked about this or revealed anything about it since I spent some time thinking about how I am going to release this without being called a massive sellout. Eventually, I settled on the idea of creating a set number of pages and releasing it as a name your price pack. On a good month, I can probably do 2 pages but that's on top of everything else I'm doing per month. Patreon support allowed me to reduce the commissions I have to take on so I can put my heart on other projects. Originally, the comic series was for Patreon but since that milestone goal has not been reached and probably never will, I pulled the trigger anyway and decided to work on the comic on my own schedule and not Patreon schedule. 

Third, speaking of comics, the next 2 chrono trigger comics are sketched. "How?! Did you divide by zero?!" you asked? Well, the next comic will be a single panel which unfortunately, is a story transitional piece. I'd rather skip it but it's important to the storyline. Any ideas involving meeting Janus for the first time are welcomed. The comic after that is crono getting hurt again so that's automatically funny, right? ... Right?

Fourth, I'm slowly working on new websites. The first to be up and running will most likely be ponyderivative. Don't hold your breath. Megaelixir will follow that. I have not switched web hosts since the host I wanted to switch to did not have the most up to date PHP version and not any cheaper compared to the plan I switched to on the current host. 

Fifth, warmer weather, opened windows, noisy neighbors and blaring music. Suggestions for noise cancelling headphones around $100 is needed.

Sixth, note to self, add industrial rubber gloves, bolt cutters, ladder, ski mask and electrician's handbook to amazon wishlist.
So anyway, I was walking down a secluded street the other night when all of a sudden, I heard a quick vroom of an engine behind me. Before I knew it, a large black van screeched to a halt beside me. I couldn't make out anything identifiable other than the few tinted windows at the front of the van. The side door slid open and 2 guys were faintly illuminated by the cheap looking led light attached to the top of the inside van roof. Inside the interior there were also nice dark red plush seating and a mini bar attached to the side. Both of them were wearing full face ski masks and one of them had what appeared to be a baseball bat. At this point, my confusion turned to panic since they were clearly eyeing me and there were no one else within a 5 block radius. One of them jumped out and said in a very stereotypical mobster accent, "Howyoudoin'? We're ya biggest fans." The other guy chimed in, "Yea, we'd like to ask you a few questions!" "What... kind of questions?" I asked. "Oh, no. We can't ask you that here. Would you kindly step into the van so we can ask you back at our hideou-- er I mean, our office?" 

Of course, the above didn't happen but this crossed my mind when someone, who apparently went through the trouble to make a new dA account just to send me a note asking me to go to a different social media site to ask me a few questions. That's like getting up, walking around the room the long way to get out when the door is 2 feet beside you. 

So, for all the creepy weird people and the hyper social fans who want to know about the artist (within reason) behind the pretty pictures, I'm not getting in your van. Instead, go to You will most likely get an answer the same day because I have the app installed. Most of the answers will be short and concise. If I can't answer your question because it's either too personal or not in my best interest, then you will get a stupid answer or I'll say it's too personal.
A handful of people has been asking about prints. Even though they are free to print them out themselves for personal use, a few of them might want professional quality or is adamant on paying for one. However, my main reason and intention for wanting to set something up is to provide an alternative to all the crappy products with my stolen art on them. In the very least, I can have a handful of "alternative" products printed from a service and have them listed as a competitor to the thieves' listings. I want to know if anyone is successfully using a service out there for their fanart needs (keyword: fanart), especially for selling their own works without any signs of legal repercussions or threats. Perhaps, I should continue to shrug this off because I shouldn't let it get to me. It is fanart after all and legal gray areas are everywhere. Let me know your thoughts.
Time for another update, let's go!

Preview by mysticalpha

First, the Patreon stuff for the month is finished so let's get the plugging out of the way: A preview of this month's rewards is above (you have until April 30th if you want to see these). If you show your support, you will get to see some nice art early and at least a few exclusive pictures as your reward.

Second, not been doing anything other than commissions and the patreon stuff which is unfortunate. The good news is I am able to keep up with the new season pictures and yes, I do them ahead of time.

Third, I finally squeezed out a chrono trigger comic. I'm going to try to do another one in the next month or two. A question for the only 3 followers still following the comic: Is there any way to bend the storyline to allow anyone in Zeal (12,000 BC) to possess the sun stone? Also, I will be switching web hosts soon so don't freak out if the site disappears. I have 2 months to cancel the contract so if the new site is not finished by that time, there will be dead air.

Fourth, the sun is rising.

Fifth, I am also working on the new ponyderivative site but won't be finished any time soon.

Sixth, seriously, I need to sleep
Preview by mysticalpha

As I watch the jet stream dip even lower, it's time for another update.

First, let's get the plugging out of the way. Above is a preview of the Patreon rewards for March, the Zero Suit Luna (Season 1 Luna) pack. If you want to see it beginning of next month, please show your support at before 3/31. At least one of these will be exclusive and there will be wallpapers.

Second, I want to discuss comics. I've been thinking a bit more about doing comics and I am a bit apprehensive about committing myself to them once again seeing what a terrible job I've been doing in keeping up with the Chrono Trigger comic. Not only do I have my own furry comic ideas I want to bring into fruition, now I want to torture myself with pony comics. The only way I am going to keep up with it, if I should do them, is if it's for Patreon because that and commissions hold the highest priority on my to-do list. If I owe something to someone, I feel the need to take care of it right away. Right now, doing comics is a milestone goal on Patreon but I don't see that goal being reached any time soon because of the very slow growth of the campaign. Part of me wants to lift that goal and do comics anyway and the other part of me says 'NO, you can't keep up you slow POS!' 

Third, Commissions are open if anyone wants one. Please read the info on my profile page. There will be a temporary restriction of 2 characters max, MLP only and simple background. 

Fourth, in an effort to try to get things done on the go, I've been thinking of getting a Win 8 tablet with a wacom digitizer so naturally I went straight to the Surface Pro product page. I promptly closed the window when I saw the price. I remember a time when some people who couldn't afford a Cintiq resorted to modifying and cobbling one together out of cheaper parts. These days, the Surface Pro (and maybe the Wacom Companion) is the most ideal portable drawing device. Unfortunately, I'll have to opt for a cheaper alternative. I've been looking at the Asus vivtab note 8 and even if it's not the most ideal performer, it will do for outline and sketch work. There are others such as the Thinkpad tablet, the Toshiba Encore 2 and the dell venue but I haven't done enough research on them yet. If anyone has one of these or another device I haven't mentioned at a very reasonable price (around 300 or lower), feel free to make a suggestion. 

Fifth, a public health announcement, brush your teeth! At a recent visit to the dentist to fix my teeth once again, I overheard one of the assistants give instructions for a potential root canal to a mother for her ~10 year old kid. 

Sixth, I'm not going to mention the non pony stuff I want to do because 1. you're probably not interested in non pony stuff and 2. it's probably not going to get done any time soon. 
Happy holidays, Happy New Year, etc. etc. Hooray everybody!

Now that we got that out of the way, I am opening commissions again against my better judgement for a number of reasons: 1. a few of you have been asking 2. I'm poor and 3. I'm poor.

Commission info is on my profile page on the mid left.

*Suddenly, a rich dbag passes by and smacks the dunkin donuts change cup out of his hand*
Since a few people has already found the NSFW blog, I might as well make an announcement on its existence. 

First, my decision to do adult pony content was a struggling battle. I said in a previous entry that I will not do it publicly but I'm afraid I'm going to have to make some compromises. Most of the content will be nudity, sexy poses, clever jokes, sexual innuendo and implications, etc. It's not going to be just straight screwing so what I'm aiming for I don't really call porn. Regardless, I will be creating said content for Patreon and most of it will be posted to a separate tumblr. I do this as a part of the compromise to keep the adult content separate from the non adult work. On occasion, if I feel a picture is tame enough, I will post it here (with mature filter). So for anyone who doesn't like adult pony content, I take every precaution to warn you. If you somehow click on it anyway, *shrug* For the people who will be disappointed or cry betrayal, take a look way back and you'll see that I've been doing NSFW art before ponies so I'm not the squeaky clean person you think I am. Even the early Berry Punch bending over 3 background ponies says a lot of what kind of content I want to create. I find it funny if some people will cry foul over nude ponies, they completely missed all the furporn I've been posting. For those people, they don't have to worry. I will most likely not be posting NSFW ponies here. I will continue posting what I've been posting, as if this entry never happened. If I have the decency to separate my content and it still bothers you, there's the door.

Second, the adult content is all extra work I will be doing for Patreon. If it's not for Patreon, this content will never be created so don't feel I'm withholding anything. Its other purpose is to gain more support from followers. The regular Patreon page is not getting a lot of interest and I see patrons leave in favor of adult content. It's a testament to the old saying "sex sells". Since it's for Patreon, most of the reward content will slowly be posted to tumblr when time exclusivity for them runs out. Certain exclusive content and standalone pictures in higher tiers will not. Why exclusive? Well, Patreon is about supporting the creator for what he/she does and the rewards are for patrons giving their support. It's not just about the rewards but unfortunately, this is not the case to most. It is the reason why there are tiers with incremental amounts and why exclusive content exists. It's all incentive to gain more support. 

Third, I will not be harping on the adult content too much here so here is one of few chances to get to the NSFW Patreon and the blog:
Remember this tumblr is NSFW:

This month's pack for the above Patreon will be Power Ponies (mostly anthros) so if you want to potentially see it all by beginning of January, please show your support and become a patron. The more support I have, the less I have to worry about financial responsibility, the more pretty pictures I can create for you all. 

It's the end of the year and I'm glad some of the patrons are sticking around and showing their support for what I do. For the new year, I will be putting more effort into rewarding all of them so that means the rewards will be changing. Basically, I offer art packs instead of random images now. For those of you who wish to show support for the non adult work, you can become a patron here: The Celestia Luna Pack is nearly complete.
As I crave cake, it's time for another update!

Clipboard01 by mysticalpha

First, I'm beginning to finally post September's Patreon rewards publicly. I have 2 more to go and another week left before I can post last month's. I have a Fluttershy in the works, a Chrysalis, Trixie and a twidash picture. I have the next two pony anthros set for next month's rewards. I still have a few more to come up with to have enough content for public postings and Patreon. If you want to see ALL of this, I would very much appreciate your support at I have come to a bleak realization that the pledges has saved my ass this month in making up for bill payments. If any of the patrons are reading, thank you for your continued support. 

Although, I am still not out of a financial hole. Commissions are still open if anyone is interested. I don't care what your headcanon is. If you wanna pay me to do it, I'll do it (no porn plz). More information is on my profile page. Aside from that, I am also open to suggestions on what I should do next (canon characters only). 

Second, what was I thinking trying to draw Zeal Palace? I'm not even at the palace itself and I wince every time I try to get myself to draw the next comic. In any case, a rough, VERY rough sketch of the main scene is done and I have yet to get to it. I praise the pixel artists that made that game possible.

Third, I'm continuing my efforts into trying to do more furry art. When human anatomy is involved, it just takes twice as long. You probably won't see most of it since I default to nudity unless you're on FA.

Fourth, I mentioned my dental problems in an earlier entry and that has come and pass. Starting next month, I begin the arduous process of extracting my wisdom teeth. I'm not looking forward to it and I'm going to be in an unhappy place for short periods of the next 1-2 months. Please take care of your teeth. 
It's time for another update!

Blah, blah, blah, ponies, furry sites are down, zeal palace is a !@#$% to draw, etc.

Okay, so I have a bunch of pictures in my stash which half of them may put me through editing hell. I will also be posting the reward pictures from Patreon from last month since time exclusivity for them is up.

I recently added a new reward tier offering pony anthros on Patreon and to garner some more support, I decided to do more pony anthros. What I want to do is take characters from the show as anthro form and pose them in provocative ways in clothing ranging from uniforms and skirts to underwear and lingerie (which will be properly tagged when I post them here). The twilight anthro picture I posted (Twilight Pin-Down 1) isn't as provocative as I would like but art is subjective so let me know what you think of it. Is it worthy enough to be included in the provocative category? To be frank, does this picture rock your boat? Should I aim for more skimpy clothing and poses specifically to show off their assets? If you want to see these before I post them, become a patron at I also offer PSDs of them.

Second, I want to know if anyone is currently subbed to the let's play channel at…. I suspect no one from dA, but if you are, I'm always open to suggestions on what to play next so feel free to leave a comment there when you have the time.

Third, Villains. Which ones do you want me to draw the most?
Time for another update.

Hopefully before the weekend is over, I would have marathoned another 4 pictures. I currently have 4 pony pictures ready to post. One involves photo finish, another is celestia, another is a coco pummel and another is apple bloom. I have a pinkie comic in the works. 

For the next Chrono Trigger comic, feel free to post any ideas for when Crono and company meets Schala and keep it clean. Schala should be clean and pure unlike Janus. 

Damn you furries! Why must you have human anatomy?!

Comment section below, post any suggestions you may have for ponies. Just canon characters, no OCs, no sex. 

As of now, the Patreon campaign is up to $75, just short of reaching the saucy milestone goal. If you wish to show your support, go to

I want to take this opportunity to clear up a few things. In my previous plugs for Patreon, I may have given people the wrong idea that the first milestone goal is offering porn and NSFW. At an earlier time, I have considered doing it for Patreon and left my wording a bit vague. Considering Patreon's policy against porn (yes, I know you can set NSFW for your campaign but then I wouldn't be able to use paypal), the first milestone goal will not offer porn or anything depicting sexual acts or anything showing genitals. It will just be cute and sexy. I apologize if my wording made some people think otherwise and I have corrected my wording. If it's any consolation, if I ever do any porn publicly, there will be no limits or price on it. I will do it just to spite all the whiny purists who can't use filters and dictate what artists should do and shouldn't do. 

It may sound like a sellout everytime I plug Patreon, but what are you expecting? It's a plug, an ad, a tv commercial. Do I feel good about it? No. To make it successful, it has to be advertised somehow and there will always have to be incentives because I know some people will want something in return regardless of the spirit of Patreon where it's about supporting the artist for what he/she does. Do I want to believe that with all my heart and have more faith in humanity? Yes, very much so. Please don't feel like I'm withholding anything from anyone. If some people feel the need to get something in return regardless of all the wonderful pony art I post on a daily basis with no strings attached, I'm not taking anything away from my daily content I post here. Everything I do for Patreon is extra content that I have to create on a monthly basis so if it isn't for Patreon, that extra content would not be created. Currently, only 1 of those pictures is exclusive for patrons only forever. Everything else will eventually be posted publicly so you're not missing anything if you're not a patron. Of course, you just have to wait until I release them publicly. If you don't want to wait, you know what to do. 

Here have some cookies…