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Rainbow braaaaaaains

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Rainbow Dash why can't you use your wings or use your fighting skills just like you did to the changelings
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its horrifying cupcakes, is RD really that good?
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zom-ponies gonna die tonight
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STAY BACK, I GOT A CHAINSAW! Rrrum-rumrumrumrumrumrumrumrumrum!
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I hope you have a lot of zombrex.
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surprise more bronies that do art based on episodes did not do this image.  
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This scarier than the actual episode.
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Haha! Rainbowdash is scared. 😂
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28 Pranks Later is like 28 Days Later. (for those who don't know) :D
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Is Pinkie Pie breaking through the door with her butt?
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Resi.....Resident Evil 8: Equestria.  :XD:
You mentioned in your previous post that you don't upload in 16:9 anymore, but I'd still like a 16:9 version of your future work, if it's not too much to ask. Is it too much to ask? I'm just one guy, after all.
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I guess but it'll have to be delayed since EQD loves to feature the scraps version.
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skitttllllleeeeesssss....SKITTLES! lol. good episode dash got what she deserved no pony punk's fluttershy and get's away with it. and while some of her pranks were weak that one with spike was friggin hilarious. nailed him and tia in one shot lol.
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              Chibi Rainbow Dash Icon 
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so I guess the blood of ponies is rainbow colored
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Could be, I mean, we've never seen them bleed yet.
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Previous on Equestria's Walking Dead... :D
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