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Vinny.... Am I the only one who prefers Princess Luna's S1 Design as her True Design? :(

It's not that I don't hate Princess Luna's S2 Onwards Design, but I just think it's a little too similar to Princess Celestia in terms of flowing Mane and Tail.
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She seems to be bouncing from one cloud to another. :)
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ikr I adore Luna!
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Luna for president!
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That's just adorable x3
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So adorable! Very well done! I kinda really like the shadings. :D
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I like the shading too.
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Aaaww!!! Too cuuute!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
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beautiful as always :3 :'3
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Adorabluna. :heart:
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Never enough Luna. NEVER!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and never enough of your art :D.
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I love S1 Woona! :D
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So cute! Great artwork of Luna. :)
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Bouncing around on clouds with smile on pretty face...What could be cuter?
No matter how old She's staying, that appearance of Her always makes me see an adorable pretty little girl, who warms my heart everytime I look at Her. Like I'm watching Her youthfulness...but I still know that She is a big girl. Beautiful and responsible Princess...

Just magnificent work of you. Like each time you draw Her.
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My fanfiction stories center around Season 1 Luna (basically starting from when she arrives in Canterlot after the events of the series pilot), and I imagine her as in a kind of personal and professional purgatory during that time. She's been forgiven and reconciled to her sister and kingdom, but she's suffered terrible psychological damage, is disoriented by a thousand years of change, and is "mode-locked" in a relatively weak form (less powerful than Celestia, probably about the same as Cadance or ascended Twilight). The "real" Luna is still there under the surface, but buried under the many different problems she has to confront and triumph over before full restoration can take place. ("Luna Eclipsed" would be at the tail end of this process.)

Additionally, it's obvious that she can't and shouldn't be fighting those battles alone. Which then begs the question "Who was helping her during this time?" - certainly many would rather avoid dealing with her altogether, a few might've even been heartless enough to try to take advantage of her condition for personal gain. But there would also have been a number of good souls who distinguished themselves in helping her out, doing "the right thing" regardless of whatever criticism and misgivings there would've been. This is my headcanon answer for Shining Armor's rise to Captain of the Guard and eventual marriage to Cadance -> Chivalry Lives - Commission
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About the first article: yes, I could imagine that. Imagine Her difficulties, Her pain, Her sorrow, undoubtedly. Not even on the way back home to original state, but while She was locked inside the parasite.
I don't want to get used to think about it. Because I'm just glad to see Her adapted and, mostly important, happy.
Watching Her crying in some arts...that's what brings me back to my thoughts of Her sufferings, and therefore, it gives me pain, coz there's nothing I can do for Her. So...about the second article...It's very good if somebody helped Her with passing this through.
Although, I'd like to stay in unawareness about who. If you think that could be that way...
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Awww, I really like the little puffs of cloud ^W^
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The version we all fell in love with. I love her actual appearance (which is her old normal one before losing all her magic and blah blah blah) but she is so adorable like this. Still lot of artworks for S1 Luna.

Wonderful work
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Plus, I don't have to do the extra work of adding in the mane and tail sparkles.
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