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Young Twilight tries Dark Magic

Bad Twilight! How dare you try to be great and powerful?
Edit: added cutie mark

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And Celestiea makes Mind bleach on twilight

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Huh, I was wondering about that phase of magical studies
Reading Friendship = Evil on fimfiction brought me here :)
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Great and funny idea.
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Celestia places a magic blocker on Twilight, & erases her cutie mark.
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"But I wanted to become a great necromancer with a citadel and army of the deeeeaaaad!"
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I got a good laugh out of that

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You should defenitly write that out. I can totally see Twilight doing that. Filly logic and all.
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Hmmm. I could do a short one-shot about that over on fimfic...but I would need to use this art.
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Would it be alright if I used this as cover art for a silly little story I'm working on? Fully credited, of course.
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Excellent and thank you!
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I wonder what kind of dark magic though?
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Filly Twilight: Destroyer of Worlds.
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Yes bad twiligth
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twi let me dear demon summoning operate a demon be devil ok 
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Ohmahgawd twilight is so cute!
Questo spiega come ha fatto a copiare tanto facilmente la magia nera all'Impero di Cristallo!
but I don't think she would have been temped...
unless it was just for academic purposes...
I'm glad Princess Tia prevented Filly Twilight from using dark magic. Dark magic means power and its not the good kind... it means corruption = evil. There will be serious risks and of course consequences.
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I sure hope Twilight wasn't sent to Azkaban for that.
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