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Young Fluttershy 2

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Such a cute little piece! 
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You, sir/ma'am have the KNACK.  That is so graceful, light and airy that it blows me away.  Of course, that it's Fluttershy helps a bit.  Great stuff!  :love:
            Chibi Fluttershy Icon 
Makenshi179's avatar
Love it!! Pink clouds FTW! ^.^
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Nice^^ but it doesn't really feel like your style. anyways its great u experiment with some more stuff. 

your stuff is great
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Flying ball of kindness.

BEautiful work
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Now I'am freeeeeeee!
Free fallin!
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She looks a little too happy to be falling through the air :P
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My Fluttershy is pony favorite.
K4nK4n's avatar
Adorable. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
SFaccountant's avatar
That is not a good landing form.
I presume this is an alternate-universe Fluttershy where her cutie mark is a wheelchair.
BenPanced-II's avatar
She's up at cloud level.  I don't think she is going to crash anytime soon.
SFaccountant's avatar
When this image was first posted, she was low enough to see the tops of random forest shrubs.
mysticalpha's avatar
She was still in flying school at that point
SFaccountant's avatar
Sure, but judging by those trees, she's not far from the ground. And her wings are clearly in "dive" mode.
mysticalpha's avatar
Probably. Perhaps I'll switch it out with a crappy sky background
SFaccountant's avatar
That wasn't meant as a criticism.
On the contrary, the piece as it is presents a cautionary tale, a plea for reason and restraint even when one is overcome with passion and exuberance at one's accomplishments, and butterflies.
It's ART, man.

Also, I keep thinking "pony pancakes" in my head, and that makes me giggle.
mysticalpha's avatar
I took no offense to it and I agree with you that she is diving too close to the ground so I changed the background. If you think the original is still correct, I'll change it back.
SFaccountant's avatar
It's your piece. You decide what's "correct", not me.
mysticalpha's avatar
It's not my intention for her to be pony pancake so I'm leaving the change. Thanks for pointing it out.
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