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Wrong Cup

Is it spicy? Is it Magic in a Jar? Does Luna really prefer black death coffee? 

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Five minutes and 5,000 mg of caffeine later:  "LUNA!  I CAN HEAR LIGHT!"
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As a reference to a earlier comment. That explains the reason Celestia is always so odd. Although I would love to see a drunk Luna.
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:iconshiningarmorangryplz: "Young mare, I hope you realize how UNfunny that is to everypony else around here!"
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 Nothing like a harmless joke to start the day 
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:iconohlunaplz::iconsaysplz:This isn't my orange juice!
This isn't my whiskey!:iconsays2plz::iconcelestiawtfplz:
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Starlight, you troll! xD
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Glimmer. What have you done. 
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hehe I can hear Starlight in a maniacal laugh.  Great art!! :D
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Chocolate switched with dark roast.

Wonderful work
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:iconcelestiawtfplz: *spittake* COFFEE??? I think this is YOUR cup, Luna. How can you drink this swill, anyways!!?

:iconprincesslunaplz: :iconssays3plz: MMM! I LIKE this... Earl Gray tea!
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Night coffee and day coffee ?
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If she can't sleep, no one can.
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Haha, you experience what its like to be the other xD
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Tia triggered cause it ain't decaf!!!
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Luckily I don't drink coffee.
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Tia's regular herbal breakfast tea was switched for Luna's beloved high-octane Death Wish Roast coffee. Luna likes the refreshing light taste of the tea, while big sister will likely keep the sun as wound up as she is for the next four days. :)
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