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apple jacks helmet is so boring XD
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"Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, I love NASCAR." -Cledus T. Judd
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Wonderful and great.  alos I kept hearing Derpy racers.
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I'm behind on season 6. I want to catch up!
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Is it just me, or was Applejack's method to win this race rather lazy?
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Fast and furious 1 all over again for me
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Shit just got real
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This episode was definitely the weakest this season. The three big sisters acted like bad caricatures of themselves, and the race track design is two figure eights intersecting. As annoying as the big sisters were, it was hardly their fault that they crashed - it was an accident waiting to happen and could have happened to anypony.

But nice work on the drawing.
TrebleSketchOfficial's avatar
Agreed, in soooo many ways. xD
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(Singing the theme to Speed Racer!)
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I seen this episode
          Chibi Rainbow Dash Icon Chibi Rarity Belle Icon Chibi AppleJack Icon 
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never have i wanted to slap any of the mane 6 more then this even best pone. 

great art. but bad pony's (for the first 15 minutes. they did better the last few minutes)
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When competition makes you a demon. Mostly Rare and Dash. AJ forgot to release the brakes.

Wonderful work
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Glad to see that I'm not the only one who immediately tough about that cartoon.
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