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Vampire Fluttershy

This picture is as weird as the episode which is just a wild speculation. I was gonna draw cute bats but that was before I googled them.
Applejack does not approve of Fluttershy's "precious"
Fluttershy: Sooo... hungry... *Creepily turns head towards camera*
Vampire Fluttershy 16:9 by mysticalpha
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applejacks all like: Fuck you 
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She looks so cute with vampire fangs Heart 
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Feels like it's missing a strategically placed bandage…
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I see what you did there with that shading. Clever.
bladra's avatar
*looks at the apple at hand then quickly hides it behind his back*
Salt01's avatar
It's mine. It's fiiNAlly mine. Heehe hehehehee heee.

Okay Flutters, you enjoy that there apple.
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i cant help to get the feeling, Applejack puls out a piano string any second....
hitman....... O_o
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that's fantastic but vampires sleep in the day-time and they are up at night-time but that's still genius ideal for Flutter-shy is a very cool-looking vampire she's great. :)
SugarCookie310's avatar
Don't u mean "Fang-tastic"? ;)
ADickson10193's avatar
yes, yes I do it so 'Fang-tastic' about vampire. XD
bunnypop009's avatar
oh meh geh fluteh bat Flutter-Bat Free Avatar 
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The renunciation spell should have totally negated ALL aftereffects of vampirism; who knew Fluttershy had actual Bat-pony in her family line!
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Vampireshy is adorable
ZaneDonnieluver's avatar
love that ep! fave one. very good art of it!
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I love how you draw
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Applejack would look better with a baseball bat.
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:iconapplejackreally: So, are you going to buy it, or just stare at it for another hour?
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:fluttershy:  im going to stare it if you dont care
Basket-Studios-Art's avatar
do the royal night ponies that luna has count as bat ponies?
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