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Twilight Spike Sad Times

Don't worry Spike, there'll be more pancakes tomorrow.

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Cheer up, Spike, I plan to include you in a crossover pic with Hilda!

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This is one of the three moments that made me cry in mlp.
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Nice work!;) (Wink) Even during sad timesGreetings these two have ALWAYS remained close to each other like adoptive big sis and little broHuggle! :) (Smile) 
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How is it that tank hibernating is being talked about way more than this episode? I mean, the tank episode is good and all, but come on! The castle episode was amazing and resolved one of the most shocking bits from the season 4 finale.

The picture is amazing, by the way! ^.^
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What happened to all the books? 
The books got charred and burned. The Golden Oaks got destroyed by Tirek. :)
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I'm very glad that they did this.
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Aww, hopefully things will be better soon.
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Aww, that part was such a sad moment in the episode ;w;
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Aaaww... this scene... :worry: :worry: :worry:
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Lol pancakes. I guess that explains why his teeth are yellow.
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We waited for months to see what would happen next. Feels.

BEautiful work
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Aww , so sweet and touching
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Such a sweet (sentimental) work of art. Not use to seeing art of that nature from you, but you did a great job! Of course I've been a fan for years so I feel that way about most of your stuff.
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That was fast.
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It jerked a tear out of me when they walked up to the remnants of the Golden Oaks Library.

Just reflects lost better times of my past.  :-(
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