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Twilight Sparkle in Gala Dress

sparkle sparkle!

16.9: Twilight Sparkle in Gala Dress 16.9 by mysticalpha

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So, the Windows Store shows this as cover art from Daniel Ingram. Did he actually use this? Or is it just Microsoft being Microsoft?
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Either way, no one asked me for permission to use it. 
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Your image has been stolen and put on ebay :…
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The background looks amazing!!! :la: :la: :la:
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That is amazing!
I love Twilight's Gala dress :D
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Zo beautiful dress ♥.♥
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cool!I love your art style!
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I <3 your style! Very cartoon-y and modern.
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:iconnostalgiacriticplz: FUCK YEAH SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE!
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Sparkle sparkle sparkle!!
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Your drawings are all so amazing! I also use them as my desktop wallpaper <33 I can't wait to see more!
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Very nice.
Very sparkle-y.
you need to slow down with the pony pictures. every time you come out with one i love it so much that i change my desktop background. ive been changing it so much now that i forgot which background i am using...

i love your work. keep it up.
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Fabulous. Rarity would be proud to see her work portrayed in such a bedazzling manner.
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Your artwork is awesome. So Real Life-like. :)
Just get better and better!
Ciao,mi chiamo Sofia,ho visto i tuoi bellissimi disegni e volevo sapere una cosa:qusono fatti a mano oppure al computer?se sono fatti al computer,quale programma utilizzi per realizzarli?
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Ho disegnato sul computer utilizzando Manga Studio EX.
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:iconnostalgiacriticplz: FUCK YEA SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE!
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:headbang: AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
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