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Twilight Sparkle - Wing Maintenance

By mysticalpha
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Put wing in mouth.

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someone made a base out of this art:…
i dont believe they asked you to make it
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She took it down. Thanks for looking out.
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I'm sorry that I didn't credit. I couldn't find the original owner since I found it from another website, so I just put a ref to where I found it. Again, I apologize for not crediting you. It was a misunderstanding. I deleted it so it wouldn't bother me or you anymore.
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i understand
next time do some research
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Aww cute work NOM NOM lol :)
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At least Twilight have something more to do other than reading :D
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You wouldn't mind if I use your art as a reference would you?
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So cuuuuuuuuuuute! >.< Awesome idea that you've got.
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She looks cute when she's preening.
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Well, she'll never need to buy a quill again.
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That is something they've never shown in the show.
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Aw, I love it!
What program are u using to create these all adorable pictures?
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Oh my god that is adorable.
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SO adorable! I love this picture of her preening.
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I adore this, thanks.
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she's like a dog. :3 raawrrawrwrr
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too cuuuute XD I'wasn't yet on Deviantart that I already reconised your drawing style when I switched from a drawing to an otherI known if that was one of yours or not  (and in fact even well before that  ,your power ponies were my firsts laptop and Iphone wallpaper and still are !) just for that I signed up on Deviantart! And that's how equestria was made!  
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