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Twilight Sparkle Reading

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Are we sure this isn't Sci-Twi?

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Me me me me me every chance I get
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Twilight takes everything Harry Potter is good at and makes it look ANNOYING! I HATE YOU TWILIGHT!
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please please tell me this is a joke...Facepalm 
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Adoreable work on her
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Our beloved bookworm. Twilight (Happy) Plz 
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Aw! Twi with glasses! So cute :aww: :aww: :aww:
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Magical Book Horse.
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So adorkable. :)
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Her having reading glasses should be canon.
OR! Maybe she can't see distances well enough, so she has flying glasses?
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As if she wasn't adorkable enough.

Beautiful work
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The way she is laying is not ladylike
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Twilight Sparkle is my favorite, well done
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Book horse strikes again! :D
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Cute. Very cute!!! Heart Heart Heart 
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