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Twilight Sparkle Element

By your powers combined...!

1680x1050 version... well slightly bigger but same ratio.

Check out the other ones:
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I finally found this picture! I've seen it everywhere, and I always wanted to know who drew so I could tell you that THIS IS THE BEST. PICTURE. EVER!!!!!!!!
She looks bald. I am not sure why.
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i am Twilight Sparkle! (references of Captain Planet Catchphrase)
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The power of Friendship is yours!
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I find it interesting that Twilight Sparkle is the only one with her eyes open. Is there any deeper meaning to this or just an artistic choice?
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I didn't think too much into it so I guess a choice, a very quick choice.
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I see what you did there
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Big crown thingy!
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Seriously Epic!! But i don't know where she thinks she's going, she doesn't have wings. And physics doesn't give any breaks! lol! (you are making it difficult to pick a desktop background!)
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she's the element of magic. how else can I explain it?
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Oh wow this is an amazing series! I love
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Aaannd, Big Crown Thingy!
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Interesting shading, and the picture looks so dynamic. Awesome style))
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