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Twilight Cosplaying Twilight

There's a meme in here somewhere.

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Great work! I've seen the group shot you've done more recently, so when can we expect the individual ones of the rest of the Mane Six since you've done Twilight and A.J. so far?
dreygoth's avatar
Just staple the the ends to your shoes rim.... damn i dont know shoe anatomy very well.
Berry-Sunrise's avatar
Will you be doing the Last 4?
mysticalpha's avatar
Already done just not posted
Berry-Sunrise's avatar
Can't wait to see them.

Pojo-san's avatar
Yo dawg! I heard you like Twilight!
Berry-Sunrise's avatar
Will there be more? Like the 4remaining girls?
Berry-Sunrise's avatar
Darksunrise957's avatar
Still a better love story than Twilight.
archangelbagel's avatar
that's just wrong omigod
(but, still amazing, as always)
Phineaddict's avatar
Lol! Very funny!
StreaksPsyche's avatar
Not as creepy as I imagined.

In fact, not creepy at all.

Nice concept. Executed well.
FoxOFWar's avatar
Cute and costumey. I rather like the design of this :)
pwalk1's avatar
Nice costume.
TreakleFurs's avatar
Yo' dawg', I hear you like Twilight...
So I put a Twilight in yo' Twilight!

Sorry, had to say it... 
This is awesome! ^^ 
Very well drawnnn~ as usual, and I can't help but like your style. Very different. :3
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CompassRoses's avatar
I see how you signed that!! I've heard of a famous artist who did the with his daughter's name, though his name escapes me.
Ruaken's avatar
Mind - Blown.

Didn't see that.  That's about the classiest and neatest way to add a "watermark" to a picture without actually ruining the picture!  Much class. So skill. Wow.
CompassRoses's avatar
I know, right?

*is totally jealous*
nientje10's avatar
nice way of putting your autograph!

nientje10's avatar
in the stripes of shadow...
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