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"Is that another friendship lesson looming in the sky?" "Nah, just someone looking at your butt"

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Nice art work you did.
Seriously Twilight, we know you're cute, you don't need to show your booty to the camera.
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Ooh nice scene it's like the finale of S7! ^_^
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D'awe, this is super precious. Love their expressions & all them threeeeee.
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Thats right, ship all three of them togethef!
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Twilight: What's going on guys?
Starlight: Something odd is happening.
T: Huh? What?
Sunburst: They are shipping us Twilight.
T: What? Who?
S: The fans.
T: I mean who are they shipping?
S: Me and you.
T: What? That's stupid! You and Starlight are cute pair.
They both blushed.
S: That's very sweet of you Twilight, but that huge poster over there is saying otherwise.
T: What huge pos- PINKIE!
Pinkie: Not this time, Twilight.
T: What? Then who?
S: Trixie.
T: Trixie?
S: I'll go talk to her.
T: Why she would do that in the first place?
S: Oh. She is jealous and possessive and... she's shipping me with her, so... there you are. I'll back in an hour.
T: Yeah. That would explain what... Wait! What? And I'm not dating Sunburst! We are just antique buddies!
P: Can't deny that about ponies loving old stuff.
T: Pinkie!
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Now all we need is Trixie, Sunset, and Tempest! XD
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Ah, three magical Eggheads. ;)
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Y todos lo de mas.Disappointed Funtime Freddy Icon 
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Sounds like a new juicy candy variant!
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The Brain gang :D
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This is quite good
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The ship grows~
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