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TwiDash - Chemistry

16:9: TwiDash - Chemistry 16:9 by mysticalpha
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She about to get rekt
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And then Dash discovered the penalty for ruining one of Twilight's experiments:
being the next experiment yourself.
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Didn't expect to see you here lol
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Oh, this cannot Possibly end badly. Nope; never. LOL
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Wow....I really love your colors and shading. 
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this cannot end wel
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Rainbow Dash, you're an idiot. 
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Isn't that from that one fanmade episode?
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It's inspired by old Warner Bros Cartoons
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PLZ create an aftermath!!!!Love Love Love Love 
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After Math

"Wow, I must have hit these cymbals together harder then I thought!"
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Oh, this cannot end well xD
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Awesome scene!!! Love it!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
Rainbow can be so mean sometimes... :XD: :XD: :XD:
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I wonder if Rainbow knows how to read.Obviously,she should read the book on Twilight's desk so she would know that if is she actually played those cymbals,she would explode almost the entire Ponyville(or wherever Twilight is working) but anyways,nice post!
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My question is instead of placing Twi's magic on the test tube why dose't see just pick up one drop with her magic like that...
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I wondered the same thing about unicorns using oven mitts when cooking.  Does it burn their horn if they don't
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