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At least he didn't land on them.
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JosephineLithiusHobbyist Writer
Lolwut.  XD
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I may be the odd one out but I'd LOVE to see a pinup of Flea in that getup hehe Anyway nice comic.
Logoncal21's avatar
Don't get too excited: Flea is a man
chaosinuyasha's avatar
I prefer Flea as a shemale myself
KefkaMagnus's avatar
Your last two comics are some of the best yet.
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FrozRoseHobbyist General Artist
Wow... Siempre lo supe. xD
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"Sorry to drop in on you like this."
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i wander if anyone know that Flea is a guy...
TrueWolves's avatar
That was pointed out, quite a bit, in the last comic. So yes.
creonman's avatar
sorry..... i dont remember that one...
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Good to see they have worked through their domestic dispute.
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Well, just when I thought I could expect nothing new from you, you surprise me with.... this.
Good job.
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daredevinhoHobbyist General Artist
Did you know the 3 bosses are named after celebrities from the rock world? Those would be Slash, from Guns and Roses, Ozzy Osbourne and the third one I even forgot the name cuz I don't know where he/she is from.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it is Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers.
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daredevinhoHobbyist General Artist
That must be it.
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thelastlonewolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Well, if one going to wind up all tore up and screwed...
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SomethingWildInsideStudent General Artist
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Well, I guess I can assume Slash is also an avid viewer of the Miss Ladyboy pageant.
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Dewani90Hobbyist General Artist
lucky them, at least now i know where they ended after being defeated :3
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