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Trixie in the Wind 2

"I must go, my planet needs me!"
16:9: Trixie in the wind 2 16:9 by mysticalpha

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Ooooh, she is so cute and adorable! Her tail, mane, funny hat, miraculous eyes, background - I love everything on of this picture. You are the master!
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She's a very special pony.
SagelyByMoonlight's avatar
Best pony is leaving us?


*sobs uncontrollably in the corner*
StaciNadia's avatar
Awww, she looks sad, but I love the colors here!
drax99's avatar
Those were some great and powerful tacos
knexfan100's avatar

its funny because fart
SingBing's avatar
Mysticalpha is best pony artist.
matty4z's avatar
trixie the great and powerfull windy mare :iconpinkiehpie: 
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I love this <3 better be on EqD ;)
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Ooh Nice one mysticalpha :)
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"Great And Powerful Gas!"

I know. Childish. But that's what it looks like, even down to her expression.

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lmao! i soooo thought that too! i even scrolled down to comment this exact thing!
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Ha, that, uhh... that one star on her cape looks kinda sorta rather suggestive if you aren't looking closely. But that's only because her cape is currently see-through, so a colored version wouldn't look that way at all.

Other than that, not much to say. I notice that her chin is perhaps slightly more prominent than usual, but that doesn't actually look bad or anything. Kinda cute, even.
CrunchNugget's avatar
My comments about the WiP versions always look so stupid once they don't fit the context anymore, after you update the pictures with colored versions. Ah well. Hi-ho, Trixie, away!
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