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The Power Ponies 16:9

16:9 version

16:10 version:

No Spike versions and Spike as the 7th slot versions:…

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Do you do requests?
twilightartful's avatar
So freaking badass, I love that you're drawn it in the comic-book style! :+fav:
SarcasticLeaves's avatar
I love this:heart:! =^_^=
Pommy1's avatar
Okay, umm...
Rarity=Green Lantern
Pinkie Pie=The Flash
Rainbow Dash=Storm (I think)
Who are Applejack and Twilight supposed to be...?
Warriors77495's avatar
AJ is definitely wonder woman.
DBZFan12's avatar
Twilight is Cyclops, and Applejack is Wonder Woman
NormalPhantasm's avatar
I think Twilight's meant to be based off Cyclops.
Also, I think Rainbow was also based off Thor.
Pommy1's avatar
Ok... who's Cyclops?
NormalPhantasm's avatar
One of the main heroes from X-Men.
DBZFan12's avatar
Rainbow Dash was Storm, since she controls ALL weather and not just lightning
NormalPhantasm's avatar
I'd probably say both, because of Rainbow having a necklace in the shape of a lightning bolt.
angelinadraws's avatar
spike is base off of robin
shirotora84's avatar
Applejack was Wonder Woman. I'm not sure who Twi was, though.
Heart-of-Titanium's avatar
I liked Mistress Mare-velous and the Masked Matterhorn's outfits the best, as Radiance's ability was the most powerful.
FormerlySam's avatar
:twilightsparkle:  <(Hey Dash! why arent you looking at the artists signature? )
:rainbowdash: <(The what?)

ShadowSilverwolf's avatar
It kind of bothers me that MMH supposedly has all kinds of powers but only really chucks snowballs and freezes the ground.
Phenometron's avatar
Poor Spike. He needs a hug.
DollciA1's avatar
Can I borrow it? P.S I am of Polish :)
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