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That's a lovely Statue you have there

Commission for NCPilot
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Can you do my OC?pwease!Kitty begging beg 
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This work is stunning!

The OC reminds me of Marshall Lee from Adventure Time. X3
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Good sculpting work, Rainbow definitely like it. :)
BADASSassin's avatar would be a shame if something happened to it.
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This is the first thing that popped into my head too!
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Is it just my impression or is the statue missing it's second wing? (The one that should be on the left)

Of course, it may be closed but... just saying.
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Nice painting nonetheless :3
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Is that rainbow dash statue? Lol :3
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I bet it's a coverup and our protagonist here secretly has a pet cockatrice.
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Yeah... no way that wing can hold that weight.
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The statue is still being made.
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Just saying that sculpture starts from the top. Otherwise the thin parts at the top will break off.
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...Would be a shame if something happened to it...?
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Like the character design. Hope you know those are wood chisles she's using and not for stone.
Would that be a problem is the stone was particularly soft?
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Actually it wouldn't be a problem at all.  With a stone like marble a wood chisel would be impractical and just about useless, but on a softer stone such as alabaster I have found wood chisels to be excellent tools.  
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Its a comic about cartoon ponies nobody gives a shit about the chisels. Some people just like to nitpick.
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