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Tea Shop

Vanilla chai tea please
16:9 Tea Shop 16.9 by mysticalpha

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I looked at one of my old videos and saw the cute cups from this picture appear, but someone led me here and I now know where they're from! :+fav:'d as it's nice and I found the cups.
I'll stick with the Taro milk tea thank you.  Yeah I know it's too sugary and kind of artificial tasting, but I don't care!  I just hope there's a bakery nearby...
BlazePerson's avatar
It could use another layer on the trees and houses. It is still a beautifully peaceful picture.
SweetBrew's avatar
This has tea...
I approve... *nods vigorously*
Mc-Ryan's avatar
Tea all the way!
KiwiJr's avatar
MLPegasis4898's avatar
This is a really cute scene!!! :meow: :meow: :meow:
Catiacaterina's avatar
Nicely done. I really love your works. D'aww Misty 
Warmbloodstallion's avatar
Completely agree, Reactor33!  Your ponies bucking ROCK!
Reactor33's avatar
I love your art, man! :D (And sorry. But mostly your ponies.) Your pony art is so adorable! :p

I'm not saying your other stuff is bad. I just prefer the ponies ._. :/
TomFraggle's avatar
This looks amazing!  Well done, like the detail.  :+fav:
silentsteel's avatar
I love the way you draw them!
Bunnychao's avatar
lol DERPY! : D
NoSleepForMe's avatar
I love the background, especially the geometric forms in the foreground tree and clouds!
mushroomjardin's avatar
Wow, this is really nice!
Yooyfull's avatar
You keep pumping out these masterpieces with so little time between them.. you are amazing!
fooligular's avatar
Very cute :) My pony OC owns a teashop :) always thought it was a very cute idea.
Kyoshyu's avatar
Oh very nice, lots of work on the background, there. :)
McLarenMP4-27's avatar
I love your backgrounds!
Helsaabi's avatar
It's really love it! >w<
Freefox's avatar
Lovely shot of a regular day when no danger is lurking in the shadows
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