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Party switching with a press of a button and not anywhere near a gate?! Unacceptable! End of Time must be hit by a large object each time switching needs to be done!
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Hehe, nice one.
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....Wow, I never, ever thought of this. And it is beautiful.
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XDD hahahahahah
awesome reasoning mysticalpha! XDD
loved it!
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It'd been funnier if the castle had hit the little floating island.
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I could believe that is how it works
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I always wondered about this
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switched frog, well, ayla can heal also, i would switch her for robo anytime, the guy doesn't need anyone for the team-healz
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So THAT'S how it's done!
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Hopefully, Frog hasn't broken his jaw from being switched out.
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Who the hell would switch out Frog?
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I know, right?
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I'll bet you picked that number at random.
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thanks for the good laugh

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I don´t know the story yet, but i faved so i can read the whole thing later!
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You should definitely play it, it is one of the most famous RPGs of all time. Plus, recently they made a version for DS.
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I approve this msg. @ Piotrmil
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