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Where's winter?

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Salt01's avatar
Someone just got SIX PACK!
L-MASTER's avatar
Emily-The-Dragoness's avatar
I think Rainbow outta cut down on the competitive spirit.
Emily-The-Dragoness's avatar
Well, how do ya think Fluttershy is gonna react afterwards.
Kazdan's avatar
I never thought I'd see a woman wearing a bikini and a cowboy hat.
elr79655's avatar
Stranger things have happened.
darkoverlords's avatar
The real Equestria Girls. =D
DeadCobra's avatar
Very lovely :lovelyeyes: 
Casem87's avatar
poor fluttershy
NinjaShadow-X's avatar
I was kinda hoping to see the Mane Six as ponies originally, not anthros.
JohnFlaherty's avatar
*sees three fingers in each of their hands* ... *gives a PlayStation controller to each of them* Your move, girls. :P

In all seriousness, though, they look great as anthros. Awesome job. ^^
YesImDeadpool's avatar
Beach time, yay! :D
mistypine01's avatar
Awesome beach ponies! Poor Fluttershy...
silberhase's avatar
Poor Fluttershy, this must have hurt.
I like their different expressions.
CG02536's avatar
Needs moar Spike
Man, I love this picture. It's just plain awesome!
K4nK4n's avatar
It's a bit weird giving them 3-fingered hands, but I love their adorable faces. :heart:
I like the 3 fingered hands. It makes the anthro style his own.
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