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Starlight and Sunburst

"I wanna shove my nose into your beard"

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Just look at these two best buddies in fact they're so close as friends they consider each other brother and sister
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Sunburst reminds me so much of myself sometimes.
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I had a beard that long. Sadly, no attractive female ever wanted to nuzzle it :(.
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I ship these two so hard.
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Starlight: Uh...
Sunbirst: What is it Starlight?
St: I've... been wondering how long you've been wearing that... thing.
Su: You mean my glasses?
St: Uh, no. Your beard.
Su: Oh! Uh, a couple of years I think. What's wrong with it?
St: N-nothing. It's... very... wizardly?
Su: Did you know that Starswirl had-
St: A beard? Yeah, I know. Never ask Twilight about him if you don't want a fangirl lecture.
Su: She does?
St: Yep.
Su: But, what does it have to do with mine?
St: N-nothing! Really. *nervous laugh*
Su: *deadpan face* I'm not shaving it.
Su: You have to know that mares dig facial hairs.
St: What mares?
Su: I mean... in general.
St: Do you have names?
Su: What?
St: I'll show them that I-
Su: Whoa! Whoa! Starlight! What's wrong with you?
St: I... I have no idea. But don't you dare shave that beard!
Su: Uh... w-wha-
St: I'm hungry. Let's find a nice little restaurant shall we? My treat.
She walked toward downtown, humming.
Su: W-what just happened?

Wonderful work
               Chibi Starlight Glimmer Icon 
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Ship it dance. XD
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Outstanding work of art. :)
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Its a quite nice one
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*Ding Dong*

:iconfedexplz:Good morning! FedEx delivery! ;)
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ya know what girl i've seen odder fetish you go head with your kinky self.
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"The male Unicorn, despite greater size weaker than the female, uses his beard for display."
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the female eats the male after mating
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"Nature can be cruel, but in the act for survival, any chance at bringing about the next generation is worth it for the male."
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Sunburst Icon :iconsaysplz: Umm, Starlight, are you okay?
Starlight Glimmer (true friendship) plz :iconsaysplz: Yes I am!

*Nuzzle's his beard.

Sunburst Icon :iconsaysplz:... Do that again.
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get the wizard hat!
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really love his beard, makes him even cuter, very adorable stallion X3
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