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Starlight Glimmer's Propaganda

There had better be a dental plan.

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*Plays soviet anthem*

Godzilla278's avatar
Great job for leaders not listening
Mojowuq9's avatar
Why did you have to use that angle?
RedDiamond28's avatar
she did remind me of stalin
Blitz2600's avatar
Starlight Glimmer is a commie!
RigbyH00ves's avatar
Just give it some Vodka and there you go.
ClockupFlowers's avatar
Wow, this is beautiful! 
leebk201's avatar
God, she is evil. It was scary to watch first episode, no fan at all. Removal of cutiemarks... so wrong, even Tirek was not so evil and he knew that he is is evil and power-hungry (in all ways), but Starlight Glimmer thinks that she represents THE GOOD GUYS, most vile enemy for me as for now. Art is great though.
skilledful's avatar
Hail equal
Hail glimmer
X-Force02ranger's avatar
hittler versión pony femenino
ClockupFlowers's avatar
I don't think Hitler wanted equality...
LanceOlleyFrie's avatar
I prefer Unity over Equality any day.
Ganondox's avatar
Walls of butts FTW
Meownimator's avatar
Of course. Butts shall make equality. I finally realized, after all this time!
ChenTheIrken's avatar
To anyone believing what she's doing is anything close to communism...

... it's not.…
PineyCreek's avatar
But how would Starlight have access to a 19th century German political thinkers from our world? We don't know a lot about Equestria's history, political development, or social evolution. And this hinges that anything that Marx didn't write or inspire is not valid communism when it wasn't all that original even at the time Marx was still alive, you can see its forerunners throughout history, like the French Revolution. Starlight might not be a communist in the classic Marxist-Leninist sense, but it was probably some inspiration and honestly hardly seems damaging to kids when the real point of the episode was to say, "Hey, sometimes you can take a good thing too far and makes things worse."
ChenTheIrken's avatar
Well, of course she wouldn't literally have access to Marx's writings, and even if she did, she wouldn't follow them very well; probably no better than Stalin did. Yes, there were ideological predecessors to communism, including the rising socialism of Marx's time. Those were all necessary for communism to bloom into conception.

I've heard a lot acknowledge this just as well as you and I have, and say that to be more specific, she would be closer to Orwellian in ideology. And yes, that is a good thing for kids to learn, an especially important one that reflects upon a lot of things in reality that they won't expect beforehand. ^^ Isn't this show getting better and better?
PineyCreek's avatar
I'll drink to that. At least getting kids interested enough to want to learn the meaning of these things. And yes this would be more in line with Orwell.

I agree this show is getting better. Actually what I really loved was the world building it did by having a discussion of the cutie mark and its implications on the social level and the idea that maybe a cutie mark might have bad implications. I know My Little Pony is first and foremost about teaching a basic lesson in friendship, but I do hope to see more like this and we get to see more about Equestria. My one criticism is that this episode feels like we're seeing Sunset Shimmer again.
ChenTheIrken's avatar
Yup, hopefully! :3 And yes, the world-building is especially getting better. ^^ If there's one thing I absolutely LOVE in just about any series, it's world-building. It just expands the possibilities of what can occur in the given setting, and what's already occurred in the past! :D

And yeah, the little hint of Starlight being Twilight's new foil isn't very subtle. X3 I hear ya there.
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