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Spike the Hero

the hero we need, the hero we deserve

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Spike the Brave and Glorious!
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Oh look, another desktop background! *tosses into the ever-growing folder*
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Yup, that's Spike, alright! :D :D :D
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:iconraritydreamyplz: I'm gonna prepare the bed for us.
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And another heroic deed done by Spike!
Now the crystal fillies have another reason to ask for autographs and to yearn for him!
            Spike sprite 
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5 Minutes later...

spike (ouch) plz Ow...Ow...Ow...

:) (Smile) Don't worry Spike. The hero always gets the girl.

Sparity Deep First Kiss 

;) (Wink) Told Ya!
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We all know what happened to Thunderhead
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Edna [The Incredibles] I used to design for GODS
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This was probably the best Spike episode yet. Heart 
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Have to say I loved the episode today, it was however a bit obvious that Spike would relinquish the "Dragon Lord" title to Ember, but I'm not complaining.

2nd on the notable things for this episode, we have finally seen FEMALE Dragons on screen.

3rd on the list, I enjoyed how adorably Tsunedre Ember was through the episode, it was funny to watch.

Last of all... I'm already sitting here with a stop watch to time how long it will take the fandom to pump out the 1st Spike x Ember shipping art/comics/fics... be them SFW or NSFW, it won't be much longer.

In the end, I'm definitely going to watch this episode again.
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I give the Spike and Ember thing a week or two.
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God, you're fast
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He probably started when the trailer came out.
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