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Spike's Heart

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Yay nice Spike ^_^
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oooooo, he's owning it with that look of his. Really sweet work with showing that and always sweet to see your art style
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My sister will be triggered when she sees this! XD
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The boy needs some love every once in a while. Spike (i love you maybe) plz 
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"Hey Dash!"
"I bet you can't do... this!"
"... S-so what if I can't? I can fly!"
"Ha! I knew you would be jealous."
"S-shut up! *pouty face*"
"Hey, Dash."
"What now?"
"Love ya! So remove that frown from you face and smile."
"I got a lot of practice with Twilight."
"And I bet with... Oh! Hey Rarity!"
"That's not funny."
"Aww... Spike... *makes a heart with her wings. I love ya too."
"Wait! What? Then why you got upset?"
"Don't know. I never tried before I guess."
Rarity passed by.
"Hello Spike, hello Rainbow Dash."
"Hi Rarity."
"Oh. Uh... H-hello Rarity."
She continued her trot.
"Uh... Wait! R-rarity! L-look!"
She stopped and looked in his direction, confused. He made the same heart with his heart. She smiled, approached him and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you too Spike." Before resuming her trot.
Dash nodded. "I guess she liked it."
Spike couldn't stop smiling, red like an apple. "Y-yeah."

BEautiful work
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Those hands almost look human. It's weird. :)

But I'm nitpicking. Cute picture.
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Only differncei shta dragons only have four digits on their claws. I think griffins have four too.
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His heart belongs to Mina, the dragoness whom Spike met in Dragontown~ :heart:
TheAmazingPeanuts's avatar
No it isn't, Spike have never show any interest towards anybody in the show but Rarity, it's nothing wrong to ship Spike with Mina, but it's not canon.
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ChiptuneBrony's avatar
Exactly! It’s been “Not Canon” this, “Not Canon” that!
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Like I said before, there is nothing wrong shipping Spike with Mina, I personally ship Spike with almost anyone in the show. I just stated that his crush on Rarity in the show is canon. Anybody can ship what they want, since the show is about friendship, not romance.
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*sigh* No. That’s not the reason why I’m mad. The reason why they got me mad is that they’d always kept saying that Mina is not a “canon” character. :’(
TheAmazingPeanuts's avatar
Well, I think the reason most people think Mina isn't a canon character because she haven't been seen or mentioned in the show, we only know her in the comics. In my honest opinion, I think she makes an interesting character to appear in the show.
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Wish she was canoon cause she was aweful cute
I love the cheesy little grin he has! 
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thats not a heart... just hold still spike ill let everyone see what your heart actually looks like... -grabs medi-gun and bone saw- just stand still... Zis wont hurt a bit! YOLO (Medic) 
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His hearts belongs to Rarity
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