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Spike and Thorax


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Such cuties!

They're adorable!
"HISSSSSSSSSS...I mean sure!"
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Thorax's face is so adorable!!
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Wonderful work

And now with new bright colors. I'm talking of Thorax.
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I think Thorax has become one of my favorite characters. The show unfortunately failed to expand on his character outside of his debut episode and the season 6 finale. They could have done so much more with him! I admire his bravery for leaving the hive and trying to find his own path/find a way to sate his hunger in a peaceful way. I do agree his reformation was sort of rushed (minus any off-screen moments/possibilities between S2 finale and his debut) and the show didn't really take advantage of him as much as I personally think they should. While I think being shown true friendship while watching the main 6 fight off his brethren is a good start, I think there should have been more reasons as to why he would leave everything behind. Maybe it took until season 6 for him to appear because he was in an inner battle with himself on whether to leave his mother and siblings. I mean he was raised there. He had to have conflicted thoughts. Should he stay loyal to his queen and siblings despite not liking the means of which they sate their hunger? Or should he risk it all, even his own life, to try and find a better way? When someone is born different and/or thinks differently in a society with set rules and expectations, it's going to take time for that one person to turn on everything he was taught and be himself. Hiccup spent many years yearning for acceptance, then finding out he just can't be like the strong viking stereotype that is set in that world. It took meeting and bonding with Toothless for several months to realize his true talents and discover who he really is. 

In my eyes, Thorax must've gone through a whole lot to leave the hive. You can't just see a display of friendship and immediately decide to run off and find a way to share love. True I think Thorax naturally thought differently from his kin but his loyalty to his siblings and queen is also a strong part of him. There has to be a process that explains how Thorax went from random changeling drone to the brave individual that proved that the world isn't black and white. He would have to consider so many things such as betraying his queen and kin, leaving behind everything he knew, and risking death because he refuses to steal the love away from ponies. I do not believe that Thorax could've survived so long without feeding once in a while after the Canterlot Wedding. If he didn't feed, he would've been long dead by now. Or as I first pointed out, he could've left the hive at a later date and wandered back to somewhere near the Crystal Empire. 
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He's my new favorite character.
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Warnin: spoilers, sort of but don't read if you haven't seen Times are a changeling and the season 6 finale.

I may not be following the serise anymore but I know for a fact that I freakin' loved Thorax. I just wish there were more episodes dedicated to his character development that showed the process of how sharing love changed him. They could've easily expanded his character but instead the episodes were more focused on characters that had plenty of spotlight. Now to be fair, I haven't watched every episode since Slice of life but the internet tells me Thorax only appeared in those three episodes. I wish they did more in the canon.
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I still think calling him Thorax is like naming your kid Hipbone, or Femur. 
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AWWWW Thorax is adorable : ) Hope they have more episodes with him and don't throw him aside just for this episode. Nice work : )
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Big friendly changling
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Thorax is sooooo Cute we Love Him
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