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Spike - Jeweled Turkey

gobble gobble (happy thanksgiving)
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That will give him food for days ;-)
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You are slowly becoming a big name, I see.
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Spike loves jewels. <3
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:icondude3plz::iconsaysplz:Now THAT's a TURKEY!!!!
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Heh, very good one.
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Wonder if there's a Crystal Turducken now that I've seen this? :giggle:
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Nice! :) (Smile) 

Much better treatment in the other MLP FIM related Thanksgiving artwork involving Spike  
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Hilariously cute. No doubt about it, you are one of my favorite pony artists.
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This is absolutely adorable!
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((The signature is on the turkey XD))
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I wonder how someone could stuff a ''turkey'' like that ? And with what ? Lava and diamond drill ?
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Joke is on Spike, under the fake jewel shell is a real turkey.
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Who needs stuffing with that kind of turkey?

Wonderful work. Happy thanksgiving!
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I just saw this on EQD. XD
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So much yes in one drawing...
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After days of drillin, Spike here's yer turkey !
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