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Sky is Falling

It's always forgetting to carry the 1
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You've probably answered this somewhere before but are you planning to publish these into one big comic book? I would definitely buy one
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When I finish it and only very few depending on my budget.
Awesome man. I love your work!  Let me know how I can go about getting it if it's a possibility. I love CT and your artwork is perfect for it and funny too!
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That damn 1. HAHA!! Awesome, I'm getting really anxious about the first meeting with Schala. I bet Crono's going to have a nosebleed.
I feel like I've been anxious about that meeting for *years* now.
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I knew Reptites were more advanced than cavemen... but adding the Higgs Boson?

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This whole joke is lost to be, but I still think it was awesome that you referenced Back to the Future.
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The punchline is a reference to the previous comic, about the little winged dinos flying around with the giant ones and dropping them on people.
And Final Fantasy 7, and then some general science stuff. Yay for Gravity + Time + Outer space references in a game about a giant space flea from nowhere crashing in to the planet and causing time distortions.
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Azala just got squashed by her own dino? AWESOME!!!
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Azala is a woman? Well there is something I've never noticed...
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I'm pretty sure. The artist even put QUEEN right in the comic
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Probably. I should read the older posts...
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