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Sky Bridge

Does anyone have a revive or a spatula to scrape Crono off the rock face?
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I feel sorry for Crono in all these comics xD
It’s funny, tho
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Lucca, you killed Crono! How could you?
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Now I see how they fall apart later....
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It's almost time. Almost time for the meeting between Crono and co. and Princess Schala.
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Not sure what I should do with Schala.
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I'm sure you'll figure something out. She's probably my favorite NPC in the game.
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This is one of my favorite parts of the game.
The city, not Crono being severely squashed like a fly.
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Makes me want to recreate it in minecraft.
seems like there's a "black wind howling" joke relating to eating beans ala zeal or something...
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That sounds like a cool project.
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Phoenix down please
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mmmm better get another Crono in the clone chamber...
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We need the second one first...
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XD "Relax, i know what i'm doing"
They're aren't enough revives in the world.
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Gahahahahah. XD I can just hear Lucca calling out from below. "Myyyyy baaaaaaaaad~ <3" Darn it, Lucca!
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What do you mean 'missed?'  He hit it squarely.
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Crono missed the sky bridge hole. Unfortunately, he wasn't using the Force.
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It's times like this I wish deviantART had a thumbs-up button for comments.

I guess this'll do: Thumbs Up 
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"Bohepans liked this comment and the original comment in this chain."
Yeah, I think that'll do for me! ^_^
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and all you can say is "my bad"
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