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Sick Lick

Any excuse to lick the ponies... wut?

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Covid in a nutshell

Dicord: Flag of China

Twilight: USA Flag Emoticons

Cadance: Every other country

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If he did this to my main OC Yin-Yang then he might end up banished to the SUN or something!
She doesn't like Discord
But she might just turn him to stone again, that might be doable for her
And if he did this to me I would slap him
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In the last panel, better would be "I´m crazy"^^
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CAN ponies catch colds from draconequi? They're two different species, and I know most diseases can't cross species.
x-MirthfulMessiah-x's avatar
now they have ebola too
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"Guess what, girls? (slurps all over their faces) I'm sick!"

...yes. Yes you are.
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There's always something suspicious when you get randomly licked in the face.
DragonGirlMesilune's avatar
Unless it's by a dog!
ZLAblade56989's avatar
reaaaaaaly now........
EspeonLunar's avatar
If he did that to me, he would have his head ripped off.
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I would ring his neck if he did this to me, yet I still find this funny.
Phenometron's avatar
I think he may've infected Twilight and Cadence with his flu.
Tunder2510's avatar
Lol, i saw this comic before seeing episode, but forgot to fave it. Is even funnier now! :lol:
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Immediately following such odd behavior, Twilight and Cadance inhale collectively and scream, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI!!!" Then they run out of the house to buy fifty bottles of cold medicine. :P

Cadance is so pretty!
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Nice one!
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i do the same every time i'm sick!
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