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Shiny Heart

"Um, honey... should you be playing around with that?"

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We're doomed o v o ;;
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Cadance: Are you afraid that I could break it?
Shining: N-no. It's not that. It's the lack of shield that's worrying me. But still...
C: Are you that afraid of some ominous villain may appear in plain daylight? When was the last time we got any real threat from anypony? It is so peaceful here that the only kind of dispute is about their mane styling.
S: Uh... aren't you exaggerating there?
C: Of course not. They are constantly seeking my judgment of the matter. When it is not related to love concern first. Not that I'm against that-
S: But... they never asked me any-
Cadance looked upon her shoulder at him with a raised eyebrow.
C: Are you sure?
S: Uh... You mean besides the guards, the security concerns and-
The princess grinned.
S: I-it's not fair!
C: What can I say my love?
She repositioned her back.
S: The only place there is excitement is at the joust court. I had to put my hoof down about a tie game.
C: A tie game? In a joust? When?
S: Don't believe it as you want, but it happened.
She shifted her head toward her husband.
C: Was there a conflict? A fight? Why nopony informed me?
S: No. It didn't last long. They made another joust and the winner was determined shortly.
C: Awww...
She repositioned her head again.
S: Wait!
C: What?
S: You removed the heart so there would be conflicts. Did you... removed it yesterday?
C: Why... Shining! Are you accusing me?
S: Did you? Be honest honey! I want the truth!
C: And why it would be yesterday?
S: The discordance happened that day. And quite suddenly.
C: Oh! Umm. Why didn't you tell me?
S: It was minor and... Are you telling me you wanted to stop it or to see that actual fight?
She promptly stood up and faced Shining.
C: I would have liked to stop that mess myself! I'm the ruler here and they want to witness their princess stopping a conflict!
S: So, it's why you removed the heart. So we could see you making a show of your princesshood-
S: Cadance?
She glared a him, frowning.
S: Cadance?
She looked away.
S: Stop playing with the safety of your subjects. They suffered for so long. They deserve to be at peace for as long as we can. As boring it will be.
She let her head drop in shame, the heart still hold in her magic grasp.
S: Put it back. Please.
She raised her head again.
C: No.
S: What?! Why?!
C: Can we... live a bit less safely... just for single day?
S: No. That day could be the one that any threat unimaginable would strike. *sigh* I think I know what you need.
C: Y-you mean...
S: A little visit to see Twilight could be nice, don't you think?
C: Oh. Yes, that would do fine too.
S: Huh? What were thinking?
C: Me? Oh nothing much. I only have a polished armor that was never used.
S: The travel to Ponyville then it is! Could you please put the heart back?
C: I got an idea. I challenge you in a joust for it. You win, I put it back at its rightful place and I go visit our sister.
S: And if I lose?
A maliciously grin appeared on her face.
S: What if I lose?
C: I will go visit Twilight.
S: And the heart?
C: I will put it back.
She walking toward the entrance of the castle.
S: Okay. What's the catch?
She stopped and look over shoulder.
C: I hope you like jousting. Because we will doing it... once a week. It will show them how strong is their princess, their prince and... it will break my boredom.
S: Wait! W-what if I hurt you? A-and some enemy appear while we will need your help?
C: Oh! I let that at your good judgment, my love. Don't forget to inform Twilight about my visit.
She resumed her walking, a big grin on her face.
S: I think I'll begin the letter with "Dear Twiley, your brother is an idiot..."

Wonderful work
Ha-ha,  wow. Shining totally got played for chump right there. Heh.

Nice work!
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Thanks! Glad that you liked it. :-)
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But it's so shiny! I'd play with it too.
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cadence. don`t play with the cristal heart!No, I disagree! 
catz537's avatar
:iconcadanceplz: :iconsaysplz: LOL What are you talking about, love? Go play knights and princesses with Twilight.
rtry's avatar
Wonderful art!
Winged-Stone's avatar
"Yes, I should be playing with this."
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Well, Cadance is beautiful and she loves her hearts. :)
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I LOVE your art!!
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Aw! Nice!!! Looks really wonderful and cute...!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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So andoreble 
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Love your work /)
skylarbrant14's avatar
It's so gorgeous mystic
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Not a big Cadence fan, but I love the way you draw her!
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Well, Shining, she is the ruler of the Crystal Empire, after all..
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Cadence: I'm just polishing it sweetie.
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Cadence is cute playing the heart! XD
Kodimarto's avatar
Fantastic work on the designs!!!:)
Envirotech's avatar
XD haha   good one!! ^_^  I now wonder how often she plays with that darn crystal when no one is around.
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:iconshiningarmorplz::iconsaysplz: Uh, dear, why don't you put that back?
:iconprincesscadanceplz::iconsaysplz: Relax honey, I've got this.

*She drops the Crystal Heart and it shatters.
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