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Shining Armor and Princess Cadance - Snowballs

I'm pretty sure that's cheating.

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"All's fair in love and WAR, darling."
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You do not want to start a magic duel with a alicorn.

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her stats are higher than shining =p
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Two words, couch time.
Twinkle-Swirl's avatar
Shining stop cheating!😁.                Lol
marinus18's avatar
with 2 such powerful ponies having fun can sometimes be hard.
Blackvegetable's avatar
Awwww... looks like it was, amusingly enough! :giggle:
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Haha! Nice!!! :aww: :aww: :aww:
The background is really beautiful, by the way... :love: :love: :love:
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Love is in bloom~
xXPocketCatXx's avatar
That sky. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
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:iconprincesscadanceplz::iconsaysplz: Babe, that's cheating!
:iconshiningarmorplz::iconsaysplz: You never said I couldn't use it, plus, what was I suppose to do without a fort?


:iconshiningarmorplz::iconsaysplz: Ha! The Armored Fort has now been founded and is impenetrable!
:iconprincesscadanceplz::iconsaysplz: Ha! The Fortress of Love and its inhabitants will not only conquer your puny fort, but will bring about the likes of a cold front you have never seen before!
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Derp Medic Tf2 Projectile Shielded m8 (dat is why Projectile Shield was only available at MvM)
Sundance66's avatar
all is fair in love and crystal empire
Sarxis's avatar
I'd call that a shining advantage.
waraiigoe's avatar
Wait, why can't she put up a force field herself? xD
SFaccountant's avatar
Bucking magic, how does it work?
Tineid's avatar
Awww, that look on her face...
You better do something nice for your wife to make up for cheating, Shiny.
iTiffanyBlue's avatar
Cadance you cheater. XD Nice drawing!!
CrystalCadenza's avatar
It's Shining who is holding up the force field.
equigoyle's avatar
Bwahahaha! So like a boy. Cheater!
Emeralddragon2's avatar
wifehorse is icehorse!
Phoenixfirex's avatar

:iconengineerplz::iconsays3plz:Nope! No "Buttsecks" For You !
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