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Shining Armor and Princess Cadance

Just a happy couple, no dark secrets here.

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Aaaww!!! Really beautiful!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
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Looking good, you too ^^
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That picture is really awesome. :love: (\s/)

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Such a cute picture of them!  I love their innocent smiles!  =3
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I read the description of the old version of that picture from Isseus, in which he mentions the apprehensive look from Shining Armor.
That made me interested now, do you have that picture still around somewhere?
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He was referring to the first revision of this redrawn picture. Shining had eyebrows which slant down to the side of his face which led 1 or 2 people to believe he was worried or apprehensive. This was not my intention so I got rid of the eyebrows. If you wish to see the old picture which this one replaces, you can see it here… which had eyebrows that slant down more than the previous revision of the redrawn picture and yet no one said he looked worried or apprehensive *shrug*. 
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Hmm, I also wouldn't call that worried or apprehensive.
But there is definitely something in his eyes, something between stressed and sad I would say.
In the new one, he looks much more confident and happy.
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Awww... the loving couple.

Wonderful work
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It was a great episode. ^^
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Yay for the happy couple.:happybounce: 
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Gotta echo the sentiment that Shining Armor looks a bit worried or uncertain. Curious as to why.
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The event with Chrysalis left him eternally suspicious and worried about how that'll effect the family.
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Yeah, I've been wondering about that, I'm Actually working on a story where something happens to help shining overcome that uncertainty. Nevertheless I wish them The best in the future
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*fangirl screams* Dream couple! I love them and this picture is so much cooler now!!!
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I much prefer the previous one where Cady was all smiles but Shiny looked apprehensive. It kinda sparked my fic that by now has over 6000 readers on FIMFiction. Thanks for letting me use the original as the cover btw. I think I'll stick to that one. 
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How has this been "updated?"
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I redrew it and added a background.
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For that matter, why didn't you just upload the redrawn version as a completely new image? That's what most people do if the redrawn image is at least a year old...
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If that's what people usually do, then I will do that in the future. However, the previous picture is flawed and I do not regard it as a picture I wish to keep any longer. I upload a 16:9 version to scraps because there are followers out there who doesn't want their inbox flooded by a single artist even though it's a futile attempt when watching several pony artists and pony groups.
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So why did the 16:9 version get put into Scraps?
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