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Scootaloo Caped Crusader

Recreation from that one special episode.

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SUPER CUTE!!! :love:
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She can fly once she gets to Kalos.
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Awesome!!! Heart Heart Heart 
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Damn special episode made me cr... I mean, damn allergies!

Scutes is best CMC!
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there's a super-Filly! (don't worry Scoots; you got your cutie mark, your wings will be next...)
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Please tell me you're gonna draw Babs next.
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What do you guys think the season 6 CMC episodes will be like, or have them do?
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traveling in the world for whatever reason (holidays, family, school) helping people to understand themselves.
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That's a nice, safe assumption! :)
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                 Chibi Scootaloo Icon 
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Saving the best for last.
I like your style. :) :) :)
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For the strangest reason, after seeing this last recreation of the CMC members in that episode, I've begun to imagine them fusing together into one pony, with the Cutie Mark being just the crest shield shared by the three of them.
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Still adorable!
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She's flying! You guys! She's actually *Splat* Oh.
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