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Rarity Spike Tan

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Don't be picky about the anthro/feral mix. If rarity is a pony, the bikini idea wouldn't work. If spike is an anthro, it'll look weird. 

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ABB0002Professional Photographer
Spike: OWO
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"Spike, could you be a deer, and rub some suntan lotion on me."

;p Hehe nice work, nice perspective angle too. Rarity's got a nice bod'. Nice shading style too.
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diamondtron01Hobbyist General Artist
Sploosh lol
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GeneralRommel64Professional Artist
just DO IT!!! :lag: 
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matmax426Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my Love 
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Spike's dream is about to come true. 
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mistypine01Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dang it, Rarity. You're too hot to handle! ;-)
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Spike is ALWAYS an anthro.

Except in EQG, where he's a puppy.
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mysticalphaHobbyist Digital Artist
shrug, explain that to the people who think he isn't anthro.
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EnvirotechHobbyist Photographer
<3 <3 <3  :D  "Oooh, but Spikey dear, you squirted all that lotion on me!!"    "..."      :P  XD >_<  That went sideways fast.. haha   Great art!!  
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Oh boy, Spike, you lucky dude.
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DasWeirdoHobbyist Digital Artist
Le me: *Try's not to make semen jokes*
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If Spike is anything like me, he'd be glad for a nice pair of baggy pants right now :D. Also, I think Rarity is very well contributing to the delinquency of a minor here. Though I doubt Spike would press charges ;).

Would be very funny if after she asked Spike to apply the lotion he accidentally squeezes some of it into the air. Imagining it right now:

Articunos-Bitch's avatar
Isn't Spike anthro already?
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mysticalphaHobbyist Digital Artist
Shrug, some people doesn't think so.
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Rub it all over her body... Do it slowly and thoroughly... Spread that pancake batter~ -Markiplier (Request) 
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
poor twilight. she's gonna have to fix him after he get's stuck in dreamland rubbing her down. 
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sondash300Hobbyist Writer
then spike died of blood loss :iconnosebleed-plz:
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IBAIPshowProfessional Artist
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Its really nice
Crossing her legs is in the way e will not get it everywhere
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*POMF* What the? WHEN DID I GET WINGS?!?!?!
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            Chibi Rarity Belle Icon  Spike sprite 
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